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A Queen Named Jokasta [Mon-Son]

A Queen Named Jokasta

From The Bible to the popular songs
There's one theme that we find all along
With all the things we hail as good
The most sublime is motherhood

There once was a man named Oedipus Rex*
You may have heard about his odd complex
His name appears in Freud's index
Cause he loved his mother's sex

------ Oedipus Rex by Tom Lehrer

Some 3000 years ago there was a young man named Oedipus Rex. He was the prince of Corinth and expected to become a King soon. His only problem was his horniness as he lived in the state of constant erection. His only relief was masturbation.

One night, he climbed into his bed and performed his nightly ritual of masturbating. Instead of dreaming about the pussy of a virgin girl he thought about fucking the ass of a mature woman. He didn't know why he often had fantasies about mature women rather than young nubile girls. After he'd shot his wad all over his bed, he made his ritual prayer to the gods.

"Cupid, Aphrodite, God and Goddess of love and sex, please bless me with a perfect bride." He prayed as he prayed every night. But tonight was different.

After Oedipus fell asleep, he found himself in a beautiful garden where he heard the unmistakable sounds of fucking. The sounds came from a clearing, where he found a couple. He hid behind a tree as he watched, unable to turn away. He found a beautiful woman down on all fours with a teenage boy's long cock pumping in and out of her cunt, faster and faster.

"Oh, yes, baby. Give it to me!" cried the woman's voice. "Give me your seed! Plant it deep inside me-Oh!" The woman's breath quickened as she neared her climax.

"I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum inside you and make a baby in you, my darling mother-wife!"

"OH! OH YES! GIVE IT TO ME!" the mother cried. "FUCK ME! FUCK YOUR MOTHER FULL OF INCESTUOUS SPERM! MAKE HER PREGNANT! OHHH…AAAAHHHHHHH!" The woman screamed as she hit an intense climax, her juices spurting out around her son's fuck-pole.

The young man joined her and groaned as his cock shot thick spurts of his baby-making cream into the woman's womb. They continued cumming for over a minute before the young man's cock finally softened. He pulled it out, semi-hard, watching the juices drip from the woman's cunt.

After the woman had caught her breath, she called out, "We hope you enjoyed the show, Oedipus."

Startled, Oedipus stepped out from the tree, embarrassed about his own hard-on. "Who are you?"

"I am Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty. And this young stud is my son, Cupid."

Oedipus was surprised. "I never knew that you two were…"

"Were lovers?" said Aphrodite. "Did you think that the God and Goddess of Love would be content with a mere mother-son relationship? All the Gods are incestuous. Olympus is a big family orgy!"

"It is?"

"You were never taught that? Oh, yes. You're from Corinth," Aphrodite said sadly. "Such a shame." saying she disappeared. Oedipus awoke with another raging hard-on.


Even though Jokasta was in her mid 30's, she did not look a day over 20. She was a beautiful woman who had about her an aura of health and wholesomeness. She had that glow of full womanhood one can only get with maturity. That glow made her even more beautiful. Realizing this she felt even more powerful.

Jokasta began her life as the daughter of Menoeceus of Thebes, and the sister of Hipponome and Creon. Young Laius was of the line of Cadmus and was in Thebes when Amphion and Zethus usurped the throne of Thebes. After some adventures in the Peloponnesus he became king of Thebes when Amphion and Zethus died. The marriage of Jokasta to Laius seemed advantageous because both Jokasta and Laius were of the line of Cadmus. As far the tradition she was married to him at a young age but was not able to become pregnant and carry on the line. So Laius consulted an oracle. The oracle proclaimed that the child Laius fathered would murder him and marry Jokasta.

Knowing that, Laius stopped his normal sex with her. He started to shove his hard dick up inside the ass of Jokasta as far as he could? Jokasta never had her ass played with before so first time it happened she wailed, "Oh, fuck that hurts like hell!"

She jerked forward, trying to free her sore ass from his cock. Laius frowned and slapped her hard across her ass cheeks. "Uugggh! Shit. You're killing me!" she wailed, squeezing a few tears from her eyes.

She began to sob quietly, and Laius looked down at her with contempt. He fucked into her ass again, sighing with pleasure. Then he began a rhythmic penetrating motion. What kind of activity was that? Jokasta was mindless with pain and grief. From then onward it was anal sex or no sex. She could not accept that to go on forever so she conspired to get Laius drunk and slept with him.

Once she succeeded in placing his cock over the entrance of her twat, he got the entire length of his cock in, in one stroke. He reached and held her nipples stretched and started to fuck her. Unflexing his ass, he would swing forward and bang against her cervix, flexing his ass involuntarily and then back.

"Fuck me, oooh ggooddd, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!" she screamed.

He held her hair and yanked it as he slammed into her. "Take it whore you bitch."

He fucked for some 25 minutes but there was no sign of an orgasm. Jokasta was worried. He pulled out and turned around and sat down on her stomach, laying the sweaty flesh of his asscheeks on her stomach.

She breathed out to accommodate the weight of his body as the flesh sacks of his asscheeks cushioned down on her stomach. What was she going to do now she wondered? She got her answer soon enough, when Laius started to slap her breasts with his hard erection.

He grabbed her breasts and folded them around turgid length, moving his cock back and forth. His cock was banging against her chin her breasts masturbated his cock slowly. He was cursing again intermittently, and every time he moved forward, the skin of his penis peeled, revealing the purple cockhead. He was moaning and pushing himself in a desperate frenzy. His teeth gritted in anger or pain, Jokasta could not tell, his eyes closed and face covered in impatience.

She ran a finger along the length of his ass crack slowly, hoping it would sex him more and quickly realized success as he started to grunt deeply, increasing the speed of the tit fucking. Her attentions were making the little strands of hair in his crack stand up in attention. Gently and softly, she traced sexy lines on his crack. "Yes bitch, that's the way, keep it going bitch, you are real slut," he screamed fucking her tits with ardor.

Then when he least expected it, she shoved her finger into his ass and sent the whole length in, in one thrust. He grunted deeply, felt another wave of orgasmic pleasure. He quickly removed him self and moved between her legs, He wanted to cum in her.

Holding her by the hemispheres of her ass, he thrust into her again, gliding in easily in one stroke. He started fuck in long hard strokes, probing her cunt in all directions. "Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck...." He thrust deeper and deeper, till he was banging in against her cervix. She reached back to the knead the mounds of his asscheeks as he thrust into her, pulling him toward her and impaling herself by lifting her ass up to meet with his thrusts. Her ass was totally flexed now as she increased the pressure on his cock, choking its length, in an attempt to squeeze his cream out.

Realizing that he loved anal stimulation, she then inserted her finger back into his anus, this time three, and every time he moved back to thrust into her, he fucked him upon her fingers. She probed him hard and deep and started to shout, "fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me... aaarghhh, aaaaah, yes, yes, yes, yes!" as the flames of her orgasm hit her.

Soon he was grunting deeply and shooting his cum into her. His seed exploded like a silent bomb from his cannon and sprayed his creamy sperm into her womb. It seemed flood her insides completely. Laius collapsed upon her. She hugged him tight and kissed him all over his face. They just lay there with his body covering her and her hands kneading his asscheeks.

Next day the King realized his mistake but it was too late. Soon Jokasta became pregnant and this made Laius very angry. When a son was born instead of honoring Jokasta he snatched up the child, pierced his feet and exposed him. This distressed Jokasta greatly but she was helpless.

In an effort to avoid the prophecy, the newly born was given to a shepherd who is instructed to abandon the child on the slopes of Mount Cithaeron. The shepherd took pity on the child and gave it to another shepherd from Corinth, who then brought it to the childless Polybus and Merope, king and queen of Corinth. They brought the boy up as their own son. They name him Oedipus, which means "swollen foot."

From that day onward the king Laius stopped any type of sex with his Queen. He started preferring boys over girls. As far as Jokasta was concerned she resorted to masturbation to relieve her sexual frustration. But as further days passed, this too did not help relieve her horniness.

She became very edgy and irritable. One of her maid servants noticed this and being a woman she knew that Jokasta was in need of sex. One day in the morning the maid came into her room and asked her if she needed a body massage before having her bath. Jokasta agreed to give it a try. The maid, who was named Vavavoom asked her to lie face down on the bed and she would heat some oil and get the towels. On returning, Vavavoom saw the Queen lying face down with her nightgown on. She told her to remove it as the oil would spoil it, and she would too. Jokasta changed into a bra and knickers only. Jokasta had indulged in fantasies about the maid Vavavoom while masturbating at times and she felt excited at the thought of being massaged by her. On returning to the bedroom, she found that Vavavoom too had stripped down to her bra and panty. She saw Vavavoom had pretty lace bras and knickers on. In her mind she thought that these were definitely stolen from somewhere.

Vavavoom was a small breasted, dark-skinned petite girl. Vavavoom too eyed Jokasta in her undergarments, especially her heavy breasts that threatened to spill out of her bra. On seeing Vavavoom stare at her, Jokasta blushed and lay down on her stomach in bed.

Vavavoom began on applying oil to Jokasta's shoulders and massaging them. She complimented Jokasta on her flawless fair skin. She then unstrapped Jokasta's bra from behind and started working on her back. Jokasta felt real good at this woman's touch and both of them chatted on, with Vavavoom saying that she had never seen such a lovely skin and figure. With both of them feeling horny the talk soon turned towards sex. Vavavoom ventured with saying that the new Guard given to the queen is a scoundrel. By now Vavavoom was working on Jokasta's thighs and could sense Queen getting horny, by her sighs and little moans as her thumbs brushed her cuntlips while stroking her inner thighs. Vavavoom could see that Jokasta's knickers were getting soaked.

"Scoundrel, what do you mean by that" asked Jokasta.

Vavavoom asked her to turn around, which Jokasta readily did not realizing that her bra was off. Vavavoom saw Jokasta's heavy breasts with her nipples swollen now. She answered in a husky voice as she too was getting turned on. "THAT FELLOW IS VERY THIN TO LOOK AT BUT HAS A MONSTER PHALLUS"


Vavavoom had engrossed Jokasta in her talk and was now freely applying oils and massaging her breasts and nipples. Jokasta was truly turned on by now and was more vocal in her sighing and moaning. Vavavoom continued, "Your highness all I can say is that HIS PENIS IS THICK AND LONG" On hearing this Jokasta immediately remembered that young guard. She let out a moan and said "TELL ME EXACTLY HOW LONG AND THICK HIS THING IS?" Vavavoom now clasped Jokasta's knickers and started pulling them off. Jokasta raised her buttocks so as to help Vavavoom in taking them off.



Vavavoom saw that Jokasta's cunt-lips were engorged. She saw the lust in Jokasta's eyes and could not control herself. She got down tasting Jokasta's juices. On feeling Vavavoom's lips and tongue fingering her cunt Jokasta could no longer hold back she let out a wail as she came to a shuddering orgasm. Now Vavavoom quickly removed her own knickers and came over Jokasta, grinding her cunt on Jokasta's mouth. Jokasta started sucking her cunt juices and flicking her clitoris with the rapid movements of her tongue. Meanwhile Vavavoom had pushed her tongue deep into Jokasta's cunt and was tongue fucking her. Both the women soon came to another climax.

From that day onward Jokasta started having lesbian affairs with her maids. This went on for almost 18 years.

One day the she was talking to one of her lesbian lovers her lover asked, "Have you heard of the monster called Sphinx, sent by the goddess Athena to punish us Thebans for our impious behavior?"

"And what is the Sphinx?" asked Jokasta.

"The Sphinx is a beast with the body of a lion, the wings of an eagle, and the head of a woman. She is a daughter of the Titans and, with the protection of Athena, she cannot be killed."

"How may this monster be destroyed?"

"The Sphinx has now begun to stop all men passing by and asking each of them three riddles. If any man answers them all correctly then she will be summoned back to Hades, but if he answers wrongly then she eats him.

"What it has to do with me dear?"

"Oh it means you haven't heard what the Oracle is saying."

"By the way what he is saying"

"He says that soon a young man will approach the borders of the state. His is known as Oedipus. He will kill king Laius, your husband, and answer the three riddles. He will then be greeted as the saviour of the state and will marry you, the queen."

"Oh, well, I was getting tired of the king anyhow. He is fat and impotent; no fun in bed any longer."


What was happening to Oedipus in Corinth was very disturbing for him. At a party thrown by King Polybus, a drunken guest called him a bastard. Oedipus asked his parents about it but they denied the accusation. Seeking to confirm his parentage, not believing his parents, Oedipus sought out the Oracle at Delphi. Instead of telling him his parentage, the Oracle related the same prophecy as was told to his father: that he would kill his father and marry his mother (though not specifying in which order).The Queen Merope who brought him up was almost sixty and Oedipus had no sexual feeling for her. Thinking about marrying her filled him with disgust. Oedipus decided that the drunkard at the party was lying, and decided not to return home in order to avoid Merope and Polybus. He decided to flee from Corinth towards the Thebes.

As Oedipus traveled he comes to the place where three roads meet, Daulia. Here he encounters a chariot, driven by King Laius. The king did not use the Sacred Band for his escort, because he despised gays; it would have been better for him if he had been escorted by members of the Sacred Band. "Out of my way, varlet," cried the leader of the escort to Oedipus.

Oedipus looked at him, and without saying a word drew his sword and struck off his head. The remainder of the escort scattered, instead of staying to guard the king. Oedipus reached into the coach, grabbed the king and dragged him out, not meaning to kill him, but just to scare him. The king however was a coward and fainted away, falling on the rocks and breaking his neck. Oedipus had no idea who it was who had died at his feet, "Arrogant boor," he said to himself and walked on.

This happened just when the news about the king's death was spread. The brother of Queen Jokasta, Creon, became head of the government. His son has fell prey to the Sphinx so, having no heir apparent for the throne Creon declared that the person who could free the city from the monster would be the next king and might marry his sister Jokasta. As that declaration was proclaimed, Oedipus arrived at Thebes.

Meanwhile Oedipus moved further and came to the rock where the Sphinx had her lair. She stopped him, as she did all passersby. Her first two riddles were easy enough, but her third, which has since become famous, was, "What has four legs in the morning, two at noon and three in the evening?"

Oedipus thought for a moment and answered, "A man, who crawls on all fours in the morning of his life, walks on two legs in the noonday, and uses a cane as a third leg to walk in the evening of his life." The Sphinx gave a loud scream and disappeared leaving a smell of brimstone behind.

Oedipus came to the city
Where a Sphinx challenged him with a ditty.
By puzzling a little,
He solved the beast's riddle
And proved himself lethally witty.
--- Dan Curley

Oedipus walked on to Thebes, and a parade of the peasantry gradually formed around him as the news of his success preceded him. He was now a man of 19 standing 6 ft in height. His formerly slim body had developed into a powerful, muscular frame which screamed "king" on practically every part.

He was escorted into Thebes in triumph and led to the palace where Queen Jokasta was waiting. Her long skirt was slit up the sides to show off her shapely legs. It was also tight enough to emphasize her rounded ass. Her top was cut so low it barely hid her milky white tits. Her dress gave her entire frame a regal appearance that was reinforced by her grace and composure.

"Who are you, young man, you who have destroyed the Sphinx?" asked Queen Jokasta.

"I am Oedipus, the son of the King and Queen of Corinth," he answered proudly. "I left home because it was prophesied that I would kill my father, the king."

"Did you meet anyone on your way here, before you met the Sphinx?"

"I met a carriage escorted by six soldiers, just inside the borders of the territory of Thebes," said Oedipus. "The leader of this party ordered me off the road and called me a varlet."

"And what did you do about that?"

Oedipus began to fear that he may have put his foot in it at that point, but he answered honestly, "I cut off his head with my sword, just as he was about to strike me with his. The rest of the escort ran away, the cowards."

"And then?"

"I hauled the occupant of the coach out of his carriage, but he was as much of a coward as the rest of them and fainted dead away. He struck his head on a rock and died."

"He was Laius, King of Thebes," She said,

Oedipus turned pale, thinking that he would be executed, but Jokasta went on: "Don't be afraid, I was tired of him, anyway. He was no use in bed, and if you had not killed him I would have been obliged to put him to death." She looked at him appraisingly, thinking him a robust and virile young man, a cocksman if ever she had seen one, and said, "You must take his place and marry me." For that was the custom of Thebes: if anyone killed the King he had to marry the widow and take his place.

"I am not ready yet for anything called marriage yet your highness."

"Tell me, have you ever made love with a girl before?" she cooed.

"Your majesty please.... such talk is unbecoming of a queen..."

"A queen may speak the way she pleases" she stated calmly but defiantly "I am just curious."

The whole time she spoke, the queen wore a serpent like smile on her face, a smile which came from the fact that she knew she was making the prince uncomfortable.

"I...I...I'm not sure what you're trying to get at your highness..." Oedipus stammered, "Corinthian young men and women are expected to stay chaste until marriage and marriage itself is sacred throughout all Atlantis!"

The queen stepped closer to the young Oedipus, to the point of making bodily contact. She then proceeded to press her warm breasts against his shoulders.

"This isn't a good idea..." he stammered.

"Your body seems to have a different opinion." the queen challenged, pointing to the growing mound between the hapless his legs. His gray eyes widened, and his tussled brown hair nearly grizzled.

"I'm 19 your highness!!! My body would do this with any woman!"

"If we can get married I could show you other things it could do..." the queen stated invitingly.

Oedipus did not answer for a moment, looking at Queen Jokasta, who in his eyes was a woman old enough to be his mother. But she still looked lusty, even wanton, as if she enjoyed good sex. And anyway what choice did he have? "Let it be so," he said.


In a theocratic society where everything belonged to the King the Royal marriage is celebrated with a great deal of pompous attention and festivities. On the day of wedding the servant girls stripped Oedipus naked and cleaned him. He was washed in fine scented oils, and prepared for the ceremony.

Incidentally, when the servant girls came out of the bedchamber and looked at their queen, they began to giggle.

"And what do you find so amusing?" the queen inquired.

"Your young husband he is.... quite gifted."

The queen's face turned red hot with anger "I told you not to touch him!!!"

Just when Jokasta was in final stages of becoming a bride a thought struck her. It was the prophecy told to her some 20 years ago that the child Laius would father would murder him and marry her. What she heard from Oedipus so far looked very much a part of that prophecy apart from one thing that Oedipus claimed to be the son of the king of Corinth? The idea that he might be her son and not that of the king of Corinth filled her with worry but it was too late to cancel the marriage due to a small suspicion.

In a big ceremony the Queen of Thebes was united in matrimony with the prince of Corinth. Although much older than the king, the lovely golden hair queen looked a beauty of high kind. Holding the hand of his bride the prince proclaimed in front of a priest, "I Prince Oedipus, son of King Polybus, take thee Jokasta, to be my wife, and my queen, to share the good times and hard times side by side. I humbly give you my hand and my heart as I pledge my faith and love to you. Just as this ring I give you today is a circle without end, my love for you is eternal. Just as it is made of incorruptible substance, my commitment to you will never fail. With this ring, I thee wed."

After the public ceremony was over, the couple walked into their bedchamber. If the bride was desperate for cock then the groom was eager to stuff her cunt with his jizz spraying rod. Jokasta stepped close to her young husband where she could smell that musky odor that was making her wet.

He came up behind her and put his hands on her hips. She shivered with anticipation as he raised his hands to cup her breasts. She turned around and fell at his feet. But she knew that at this point all she wanted was great sex with this young man, her lover and husband.

He divested her of her dress and then removed his too. He looked at her magnificent figure, a golden colored nest of hair, and rosy pink nipples complemented by naturally creamy skin.

He started kissing her mouth and she was tried to suck on his tongue. He bit her over her neck and waist, leaving tell tale love-marks. He sucked at the flesh at her waist. She was delirous. He carried her to the nuptial bed full of flowers and laid her out. Her eyes were cloudy. He started kissing her over her body. She was looking at his crotch to see his erection. She reached for it smoothly as he cupped her bubbies. She breathed in sharply as he started to suck her left nipple loudly. She tenderly squeezed his balls. His balls were large and round. His cock was big and long. The balls were carrying the seed which would give her a child and the cock would inject it in her.

When she was sure that he would do anything for her, she started asked him slyly whether he liked her legs are not! Oedipus definitely did not want to neglect her legs. As he started to kiss her beautiful leg chain clad feet, she started gasping for breadth.
"My God!!!" gasped Oedipus as he reached for her milky thigh flesh rubbing against each other. He started by parting them a little- and started kissing the inside of the thighs with deep sucking kisses. Jokasta was going mad now with the blood pounding in her head!! When she was sure she was kissed enough, she drew up her knees with a flourish, and fanned her legs open, exposing her dripping vulva to his gaze. She hoped that he would fall for it.
Oedipus stared at her dripping, shaved cunt -- Even a prostitute would not have such a thing of beauty for a private part! Jokasta squirmed running her hands over her nipples and lifted her hips of the bed, raising her dripping cunt and ass - very lewdly suggestive of what she wanted - to his face. Her eyes were looking hungrily at his face, gesturing now like a real prostitute -- wasn't she his prostitute for life? Her labia were now large and open like a flower in full bloom and her clit was upright and sneaked out of the folds in the open! "Well?" she seemed to be saying with her eyes - she had a right to make him eat her pussy!!

"See that lovely nub nestled between my lips? Lick it! I am asking this favor as a lady young prince" the queen said breathing heavily "so please, as a favor to me, lick it."

Ever being a gentleman honor bound him not to refuse, as it was not the same as sexual intercourse after all.

He pressed his tongue on her lovely clit and licked furiously. The queen moaned loudly and pressed her pussy hard against his mouth nearly asphyxiating. Nevertheless, he licked for long moments, her legs quivered and she came all over his face. She dismounted, looked at the mess she made on his face and laughed.

"I'm sorry about that. Let me go get a rag to clean it up."

With that the queen walked to her bed where she reached for a towel. The slapping sound of naked feet could be heard as she walked over, and the prince got a good view of her magnificent ass. The view made his already hard cock nearly burst, as precum now began to drip out of it.

She could feel the beginnings of her first bridal orgasm!!! "Lick!!!" she screamed. "Faster - And don't stop licking clit until you are told!!!" she hissed as she started to constrict her bladed for that supreme moment. His head bobbed in rhythm to her pelvic thrusts into his mouth as she constricted her bladder -- She shot her cum soaked pee into his throat with a guttural wail as her body was wracked with her orgasm -- Her hot urine and cum shot into the groom's virgin mouth in uncontrolled spurts!!!

After cleaning the mess the overly excited groom rose and positioned his stiff erection at her wet cunt. With one thrust and sharp stab of pain, she became his.

Oedipus gasped very loudly the way all young men do the first time their cock is buried inside a pussy.

He couldn't believe what was happening. She was so wet, tight, soft and hot, the feeling was unreal. The queen was in sheer ecstasy for the prince's cock was hard and exactly what her pussy was hungering for. She squeezed him tightly in a vice-like grip, while slowly lowering her breasts to the point where they touched his chest.

His eyes were rolled back and he was breathing heavily as his mind was still trying to cope with never-before felt sensations.

"You are so cute young prince, so handsome" the queen stated in a delirious, heavily breathing, voice.

Wet sloppy sounds echoed in the large bedchamber as the queen satisfied her desire for young cock. She drove him passionately matching each of his thrusts with her own. The slap slap sound of fucking filled the room. The groom was sucking the breasts of the bride. The fucking was fast and quick, as she received his first son into her womb, as he grunted her name as he shot his life giving sperm into her virgin womb, right thru her cervix. Jet after hot jet of cum pelted her cervix.

His cock was so massive; the urethra was practically touching her cervix, making the spraying of the jets all the more intense. The prince's eyes were rolled back as he shot load after load of hot seeds, pelting the queen's cervix with unnatural fury. The queen now had even more intense orgasms and mercilessly milked his cock. Oedipus came for several minutes, and soon the white fluid began to drip out of the queen's pussy.

The queen burned from a final, ultra intense orgasm and gave the prince's cock one final squeeze, he shot a final, large wad of hot seed.

She began sobbing softly. "I've never really loved anyone like that." She said crying"

She looked down at him, ever so longingly, and began kissing his lips, this time the prince responded vigorously.

The queen sobbed softly and quietly, as tears of ecstatic joy rand down her cheeks. She firmly wrapped her arms and legs around him, gently stroking his body, enjoying his slim tightness.

Her hard panting breaths were sizzling his face. The voluptuous play went on for some time, till the queen's energetic buttocks became a blur. The chamber resounded with her hisses, moans and the wet sound of fucking. Her jeweled fingers and nails were kneading and scraping his body wherever she could. He thrust and thrust, wet sliding sound becoming faster and more audible, and after 8 hours of sliding in and out of her, he buried his cock to the balls and began shooting another massive load of hot cum on her cervix as her hot, wet, tight pussy milked him.

His cock pelted and pelted her cervix, the hot fluid and milking from a warm pussy giving the prince a burning orgasm. The queen was equally delirious as she felt the hot fluid filling her up, and she burned ever more hotly from even more powerful orgasms than the one they had before. The prince collapsed on top of the lovely blonde, still buried inside her, and then, after catching his breath, began kissing her tenderly on the mouth.

"I feel a tingling feeling deep within my belly," the queen stated. "I can feel your seed sweet prince.... you have given me a child."

The prince pulled out of her.

The discussion of Oedipus and phalluses.
In the end only causes paralysis.
Psychoanalyzed bliss
Is not worth a piss;
But of course, that's just my urinalysis.
--- Steve Holst


By the time Jokasta was 9 months along with her baby, she felt very horny like most pregnant women. As her tits doubled in size she stopped wearing a bra. Seeing her pregnant Oedipus remarked,

"You look more beautiful then ever."

"I bet you are really proud aren't you? Seeing your my belly growing knowing that you're the reason for it all."

"Oh darling, I want to fuck you so bad, but I'm so thirsty."

"Oh? Well I can help you with that!" She arose off the bed wearing only a blue see through gown that was opened giving him a full view of his her swollen belly, tits and pussy.

"Come here sweetheart and drink up!"

Oedipus closed his mouth around his mothers now hugely swollen breasts and began to suckle her warm milk, all the while feeling his mothers expansive belly, a belly full of the baby he had given her.

Oedipus continued to suck the sweet warm milk from his mother, loving every drop of the sweet motherly nectar. He could hear moaning coming from his mother, and it was at this time he noticed that she had slipped a finger through her panties and was finger fucking herself.

"Oooh, please baby, suck mommies other tit! Please baby, ohh!"

Oedipus moved to her other engorged breast and began sucking the life out of it too. Subconsciously, Oedipus began rubbing his mother's ass with one hand, and began rubbing his dick through his dress with the other.

"Oh god, this feels so good! I need you baby, I need you inside my pregnant pussy!"

Oedipus didn't say a word; he just eased her back onto the bed and removed his dress.

"Oh yes honey please! Fuck me and Make me even more pregnant! God, when I pop this one out baby I want you to give me twins! Fuck me!!"

Oedipus rammed his dick home into his mother's pregnant cunt.

"Ohh god yes, fuck me! Fuck your my pregnant pussy! Oh god I'm so big with your baby!"

"I love you, I'm gonna keep you pregnant for years to come!"

"OH GOD YES FUCK ME OEDIPUS! FUCK THE BIG PREGNANT PUSSY OF A MOMMIE!!" Jokasta screamed as she gave in to her climax.

"Ahh, I'm gonna cum whore! I'm gonna give you even more babies!"

Jokasta looked at her belly and it was swelling even more!"YES YES YES! FUCK ME SO HARD YOU MAKE ME EVEN MORE PREGNANT!! MAKE MY BELLY EVEN

"AHHHH!" Oedipus blew his load deep inside his pregnant mother and her belly began to grow even more! She sighed as her son left her pregnant pussy.

"Oh my god Oedie, I think you've given me more then just one baby" Danielle said as she rubbed her hands across her hugely pregnant belly.

"Oh my..."

"What is it?"

"I think my water just broke!!" She said, as her breasts erupted with milk!

A beautiful baby boy was born to the queen. Like his mother he had green eyes, and like his father he had brown hair. He was named Polynices.

"Oh! He's so adorable" the queen said the first time she held him "my sweet prince...." she said tearfully." I love you so much... thank you for this gift you've given me.... oh he so beautiful, like his father" She smiled at her baby and played with him.

Oedipus sure loved his mother;
He should have looked for another.
But he would rather
Attempt to father
A son who would be a brother.
--- Tony Burrell


The years passed. Oedipus and Jokasta had four children: two sons, Polynices and Eteocles, and two daughters, Antigone and Ismene. Then a plague of infertility strikes the city of Thebes; crops no longer grow to harvest and women do not bear children. Neighboring city states only a few miles away had enough rain, and no locusts. The priestesses at the temple were no help. They could not avert the famine nor explain how it had come about. Oedipus, in his hubris, asserts that he will end the pestilence.

He sends Creon, Jocasta's brother, to the Oracle at Delphi, seeking guidance. When Creon returns, Oedipus hears that the murderer of the former King Laius must be found and either be killed or exiled. In a search for the identity of the killer, Oedipus follows Creon's suggestion and sends for the blind prophet, Tiresias, who tells him,

"The gods are angry with the king and queen, with Queen Jokasta and King Oedipus. That is why they have sent a plague and famine to the land."

"What can we do about it, Tiresias?"

"The queen must die, and the king must be exiled."

"Why? What have we done?"

"King Oedipus has murdered his father, King Laius, and bedded his mother, Queen Jokasta."

Oedipus was stunned and in anguish cried out, "But I am the son of the king and queen of Corinth."

"You are son of Jokasta and Laius who was given to a shepherd with the instruction to abandon you on the slopes of Mount Cithaeron. Luckily you were found by a shepherd and taken to Corinth where you were adopted by the king and queen of Corinth who had no children of their own. King Oedipus, you are son of Jokasta whom you fuck day and night"

Oedipus blames Creon for Tiresias telling Oedipus that he was the killer. Oedipus and Creon begin a heated argument. Jocasta enters and tries to calm Oedipus. She tries to comfort him by telling him about her old husband and his supposed death. Oedipus becomes unnerved as he begins to think that he might have killed Laius and so brought about the plague. Suddenly, a messenger arrives from Corinth with the news that King Polybus has died and that the people of Corinth would have Oedipus as their king. Jokasta immediately summons Oedipus.

OEDIPUS: My wife, my queen, Jokasta, why hast thou summoned me from my palace?

JOKASTA: Hear this man, and as thou hearest judge what has become of all those awe-inspiring oracles.

OEDIPUS: Who is this man, and what his news for me?

JOKASTA: He comes from Corinth and his message this: Thy father Polybus hath passed away.

OEDIPUS: What? Let me have it, stranger, from thy mouth.

MESSENGER: If I must first make plain beyond a doubt my message, know that Polybus is dead.

OEDIPUS: Out on it, lady! Why should one regard The Pythian hearth or birds that scream in the air? Did they not point at me as doomed to slay my father? But he's dead and in his grave And here am I who ne'er unsheathed a sword; Unless the longing for his absent son Killed him and so I slew him in a sense. But, as they stand, the oracles are dead-- Dust, ashes, nothing, dead as Polybus.

JOKASTA: Say, did not I foretell this long ago?

OEDIPUS: Thou didst: but I was misled by my fear.

JOKASTA: Then let I no more weigh upon thy soul.

OEDIPUS: Must I not fear my mother's marriage bed.

Why should a mortal man, the sport of chance,
With no assured foreknowledge, be afraid?
Best live a careless life from hand to mouth.
This wedlock with thy mother fear not thou.
How oft it chances that in dreams a man
Has wed his mother! He who least regards
Such brainsick fantasy lives most at ease.

Oedipus is relieved concerning the prophecy, for it could no longer be fulfilled if Polybus, whom he thinks is his father, is now dead. Nonetheless, he is wary while his mother lives and does not wish to go. To ease the stress of the matter, the messenger then reveals that Oedipus was, in fact, adopted. JOKASTA, finally realizing Oedipus' true identity, begs him to abandon his search for Laius' murderer.

OEDIPUS: No, with such guiding clues I cannot fail to bring to light the secret of my birth.

JOKASTA: Oh, as thou carest for thy life, give o'er this quest. Enough the anguish I endure.

OEDIPUS: Be of good cheer; though I be proved the son of a bondwoman, aye, through three descents triply a slave, thy honor is unsmirched.

JOKASTA: Yet humor me; I pray thee; do not this.

OEDIPUS: I cannot; I must probe this matter home.

JOKASTA: 'Tis for thy sake I advise thee for the best.

OEDIPUS: I grow impatient of this best advice.

Oedipus misunderstands the motivation of her pleas, thinking that she was ashamed of him because he might have been the son of a slave. Oedipus seeks verification of the messenger's story from the very same herdsman who was supposed to have left Oedipus to die as a baby. From the herdsman, Oedipus learns that the infant raised as the adopted son of Polybus and Merope, was the son of Laius and Jocasta. Thus, Oedipus finally realizes in great agony that so many years ago, at the place where three roads meet, he had killed his own father, King Laius, and as consequence, married his mother, Jocasta.

Oedipus goes in search of Jocasta and finds her in the act of hanging herself. Oedipus ran and seized her.

"Suicide is not a solution Mother; it is an end before a solution can be found. It cannot be considered an option, for an option denotes we have a choice and death robs us of both, option and choice."

"I want to die not in shame for being your wife, my son but in guilt that I left you to die as a baby."

"It wasn't you but your husband who wanted to kill me. I have no complaint against you." said Oedipus. "Listen Mother, Death is an irreversible act that does not end the pain, for it remains in those who are left behind. Even people who are totally alone, and take their own lives transfer their pain to those who do care!"

"What about the people?"

"To hell with them, nobody yet knows our true relation so we will leave Thebes and move to Corinth where we will be again King and Queen."

"I can agree to this as long as the facts remain private"

"I assure you mother."

He tilted her chin up, bent his head and captured her lips. It was a gentle, persuasive kiss, softly taking, convincing her with every touch, ever taste. He kissed the corners of her mouth, pressed his lips against the side of her neck. Jokasta gasped as his mouth settled softly over hers. For several moments, she simply stood there, letting the heat flood through her, absorbing the taste of him, only dimly aware of the hard male body pressing into hers.

He pushed his hand between her thighs, rubbing her cunt a moment. Jokasta stood, twisting her hips and feeling his cock starting to stir and harden.

"Oedie what are you doing to me?" she whispered.

Jokasta twisted her ass, gyrating as his finger ran back into her cunt. The feel of his fingers in her cunt and one inside her asshole made her gasp with surprised pleasure.

"Oooooh, please, let me go!" she cried softly, pulling from him.

She turned, but Oedipus grabbed her hips, lifting her robe from behind. Jokasta paused, shaking with a vague excitement as her son gazed at her rounded ass.

"It's so pretty, Mom," He whispered. "You have such a pretty ass."

"Oedie!" she gasped.

He had pressed his lips to her naked ass, kissing first one cheek, then the other. With his hands on her hips, he pulled her back, and his face moved into the hot, smooth split.

On impulse, Jokasta leaned over, shoving her ass into her son's face. Oedipus groaned, and his lips burned on the pucker of her ass hole. When he kissed her asshole, Jokasta's cunt seemed to lurch, her clit knotting painfully.

"Ohhhh, Oedie! What are you doing? Baby, you shouldn't kiss me there."

Oedipus giggled, the sound muffled because his face was in the crack of his mother's ass. He touched her asshole with the tip of his tongue, and Jokasta gasped softly. Twisting his tongue he licked at his mother's asshole for a moment or so then pulled away.

Jokasta leaned over a nearby table and said writhing her naked ass. "I need your cock, baby! Ohhhh, Oedie, fuck me, right here, right now!"

Oedipus, behind his mother, watched as she pressed her tits flat on the table, her hands on her ass, stroking it, then her fingers dipping down and pulling at the hairy lips of her juicy cunt.

"Ram it to me, Oedie!" Jokasta pleaded. "Ohhh, baby, ram your cock up mother's cunt now! Ram it quick and hard and deep!"

With a groan of eagerness, he pushed the head of his cock to his mother's offered cunt. Jokasta sucked in a hot breath of air as she felt his prick spread her pussylips.

Oedipus lay on the breast As King
Of his mom, he was highly distressed.
He touched his eye
And let out a cry:
"I like sex, but incest is best."


In fact neither Jokasta committed any suicide nor did Oedipus stab his eyes. They asked Creon to look after their daughters, for their sons were old and mature enough to look after themselves. Both Oedipus and Jokasta left Thebes and moved to Corinth. Jokasta's brother, a member of the Sacred Band who had no children, became king of Thebes. Immediately the rains came, the drought was broken, the locusts disappeared and the crops began to grow again. Famine was averted.

And 3000 years later…

A witty truck driver named Tex
Was arrested, and likely suspects,
'twas the sign on his door
that caused the uproar
It read simply "Oedipus Wrecks

Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Talk [Mom-Son]

The Talk

Standing on the platform eagerly waiting for the train to come was Adithya. He kept looking at his watch and found it reading 3 minutes to 6 p.m. He was getting impatient as the train carrying his mother was destined to reach at 6.

Adithya looked forward to meet his mother who was joining him as his wife Rashmi had gone to her mother's house for the first time after marriage. He stood with abated breath waiting for the train to come and when he heard the shrill whistle of the train he was relieved.

Adithya was pleased when he saw his mother alight. It was almost 8 months since he had last seen her and today his joy knew no bounds when he hugged his mother and welcomed her.

Nanda a cherubic woman in her early forties was enchanted to see her son after a long time and seeing him her eyes were filled.

Adithya carrying her luggage escorted her to his car and soon they reached his apartment. Nanda was pleased to see her son who in a span of 8 months had done wonders and was well settled in his life.

After having a look at the plush decorations of his flat, stacked with rich carpeting and exquisite furniture, looked upon his son and said "you seem to be doing well."

"Yes, these are gifted by the company" he replied.

"And the car" she asked?

"That is my own" he replied proudly.

"What did you do to get all this. Did any of your boss's daughters fell for your charms?" she asked him teasingly.

"No. My boss does not have any daughters" he replied.

"Then how did you posses all this" she asked smilingly while her eyes roamed again on the interiors.

"It's because, my Boss fell for my charms" he replied.

"How come" she said somewhat perplexed by his answer?

"Because she is a charming woman like you" he replied.

"I know how charming he is" she replied knowing very well that he was joking.

"Then why did you ask" he said.

"I wanted to see whether you have changed" she replied.

"Have I changed" he questioned her back?

"No, you have not. But I had a doubt" she replied.

"What doubt had you in mind" he asked.

"Being newly married, having a beautiful wife, well settled in life. I thought all this might have changed you" she replied.

"Nothing can change me. You know me" he said.

"Yes, I know you and I am happy that you have not changed. Tell me how is Rashmi" she asked enquiring about her daughter-in-law.

"Oh! She is fine" he replied.

"Missing her" she asked looking at his face.

"A little" he replied coyly.

"Only a little" she asked him quizzically.

"No I miss her a lot but now that you are here the things will change" he replied.

"How will they change" she asked.

"I will have your company till she returns" he replied shyly.

"You mean you will keep me only till she comes back" she asked.

"No, it's not that. You can stay here forever" he replied.

"But, I have come only for a short duration" she replied.

"Why don't you stay here itself Mom" he said.

"For how long" she asked?

"Forever" he replied.

"What about the farm. Who will take care of it" she said?

"Give it for lease or sell it" he replied.


"And you can stay here" he replied.

"Till Rashmi comes back" she asked humorously.

"No Mom, not only till she returns but for ever" he said.

"Will you bear all my expenses" she asked?

"I will" he replied enthusiastically.

"Think again, I am spendthrift" she said.

"You just have to say and I will get it for you" he replied.

"Are you so sure" she asked.

"I am positive" he replied.

"We will see" saying this she went looking into other rooms and was pleased to see them equally well furnished. Finally when they stepped into his bedroom she was surprised to see a huge cot laid in the middle of the room with rich coverings and mirrors fixed at different angles. Seeing her own reflections in the mirrors she turned to face him and said "it's enchanting."

"If you like it you can use it" he said.

"I love it" saying this she laid down on the cot.

It was when his mother in her enthusiasm relaxed on the cot her sari slipped exposing her midriff. Adithya turned his face from looking at her bare body but whichever direction he turned her reflection was there in the mirror.

Adithya shied and felt embarrassed to stand in front of her and as his mother saw the reason for his discomfort, she quickly pulled her sari up and set it right.

Getting up she went to the kitchen and as she was rummaging through the utensils she heard her son "have a wash, we will dine out."

Pleased with it she excused herself and went in to change.

Adithya took his mother to one of the nearby restaurant as he felt his mother would be tired from the journey and when they arrived back to the flat he heard his mother say "don't you have any better restaurants?"

"We do have and tomorrow you shall visit one, now take rest. You seem to be tired" he replied.

"Yes, I am famished" she replied.

"Then why don't you go in" he said looking at the master bedroom.

"You don't mind me occupying it" she asked earnestly.

"No, I don't" he replied.

Nanda carrying her baggage went inside and after putting on her night gown as she lay on the enormous bed she felt a soothing effect. Her body felt relaxed and soon she was fast asleep.

The next morning as she woke up she was pleased to find herself in the new surroundings. After having a refreshing bath when she came in to dress up, she stood gazing at her own figure in the mirror. Looking at the reflection of her naked figure in the mirror she felt her body warm up.

She stood admiring her own figure. Turning to right and left, she stole a fleeting glance of her own curves and felt the age had not caught up with her body. Her body was well proportioned and she had plenty of youth still remaining in her.

As this sight had a soothing effect she started to dress up slowly, while her eyes roamed over her body. After finishing dressing up she walked out of the room light heartedly.

When Nanda came she did not see Adithya. He was still sleeping as the previous night the vision of his mother had tormented him. However hard he tried to shake the image of his mother lying on the cot with her waist exposed he could not succeed. It was lingering on his mind and at that instance he badly missed his wife.

Nanda took to preparing the breakfast and when she was through it she saw him coming.

A tried Adithya on approaching his mother asked "did you sleep well."

"Yes and I see you did not. Are you missing Rashmi" she asked.

"Yes" he replied impulsively and then shook his head.

"I know, I can understand" she said trying to soothe him.

"It's not that. I could not sleep for sometime, that's all" he replied.

"Why, what bothered you" she asked?

"I had vague dreams" he said as he could not reveal the facts.

"Can you tell me about them" she asked.

"I will, but not now" he replied.

"Okay, come have your breakfast" she said.

Sitting at the dining table close to his mother, Adithya looked straight into her face. His mother looked beautiful. He was seeing her from a different point of view. Her charming face brought much relief to him. Gradually the fatigue gave way and he felt refreshed as he kept staring at her.

Seeing him staring Nanda smiled and asked "what's up. Have I changed?"

"No, you have not changed but you look charming" he replied.

"Charming? Are you sure you are addressing me or do you have anyone in mind" she asked.

"Who can be more charming than you" he replied.

"Don't forget your wife" she replied.

"She is no match for you" he replied.

"You are lucky as she is not here, otherwise you had it" she said.

"Why? I am not sacred of her and moreover it is a fact that you are more charming" he said.

"Why do you find me charming? Because I am your mother" she asked?

"No, more than being my mother you are a charming woman" he replied.

"So you are seeing me like a woman and not as your mother" she asked?

"Yes, that's true" he replied.

"That's good and I accept your compliments. But tell me how different I am from others" she asked.

"Well you have a lovely face and you look attractive in every respect" he replied eyeing her figure and commenting on it.

"Do I look attractive in this dress" she asked looking at the old sari she had wrapped around?

"Yes" he replied.

"Then I may look better in some of the rich saris" she said.

"I think you would look gorgeous" he said.

"But I don't have any rich sari to wear" she replied.

"We will buy a few" he said.

"Why? Do you want me to look more charming" she spoke softly.

"Yes, that's it. I want you to be well dressed" he said.

"Well dressed or look gorgeous" she asked?

"Both" he replied shyly.

"Then you may have to spend your hard earned money in buying me a few saris" she said.

"I will take you for shopping after I return," saying it he left for office.

Nanda was delighted to hear his words and as evening approached she went up to his bedroom. There she started rummaging her suitcase and came out with a golden color silk sari. She had brought it for special occasion.

Holding the sari over her as she looked at her reflection she again felt warm sensations engulf her body and as she turned, her gaze fell upon the wardrobe which was slightly ajar.

Curiously as she opened it she found it stacked with her daughter-in-laws clothes. On impulse, as she pulled the small drawers she found a variety of inner garments which dazzled her. She pulled out a brassiere and holding it in her hand she felt a desire to try it on.

Removing her blouse and bra as she put on her daughter-in-laws brassiere she found them snuggling her breasts and show them prominently. Looking at herself in the mirror she felt as though she was a teenager. Without removing it she put on her other clothes.

Soon her son came home and when he asked her to dress up to go out she eagerly went into the room and came out wearing the golden yellow sari.

Adithya was pleased to see her decked in the rich sari and when they went out to the shopping mall and saw other men eying his mother, he felt proud to be her escort.

After finishing their shopping Adithya took his mother to a posh restaurant. While they were having their dinner as his mother bent forward to pick up a glass of water, her sari slipped allowing Adithya to have a look at the top of swollen breasts popping out. Looking at the top of her breasts Adithya could not stop staring at her chest.

Nanda saw him looking at the exposed part of her chest. His staring ignited her body and when he did not pull off his eyes from it, she slowly sat upright pulling her sari back on her chest. She felt delighted to see him staring at her rather than shying away. This prompted her to smile at him when she sat straight.

Looking at his mother's smiling face Adithya got encouraged by it and the whole of the evening he was waiting to catch another glimpse of it which did not materialize.

Nanda read his mind and felt happy that she had succeeded in drawing his attention to her bosom. When they finished their dinner she extended her hand and Adithya very fondly held it as they walked out of the restaurant.

On reaching home as both of them sat on the sofa Nanda turned to her son and said "thanks."

"What for" asked Adithya.

"For the great treat" she replied.

"On the other hand, I should thank you" he replied.

Now it was her turn to ask "what for."

"For giving me wonderful company" he replied.

"Were you happy" she asked?

"Yes, I was delighted to escort a charming lady" he replied.

"Are you sure? Did you not feel bored up to be with an old woman" she asked.

"Who said you are old. You were as charming as anyone could hope for" he replied.

"I am flattered. Tell me why did you insist on me guying the pink sari" she asked?

"Because I felt it would look good on you. Don't you like it" he asked.

"Yes it is lovely but I felt as it is very thin it may show off . . . . " she did not complete the sentence.

"No, it is not that transparent. You should see some of the saris Rashmi wears" he said.

"Ah, yes, today I peeped into her wardrobe. She has a fantastic collection" she said.

"You are welcome to use any of her saris" he replied.

"Don't you mind?" she asked smilingly.

"No, not at all, feel free to use anything" he replied.

"Do you know? I have already used one of her garments" she replied and instinctively felt that she should not have said it.

"Is it, I don't see anything. What have you taken" he asked looking at her.

Nanda felt she was cornered and as she had to answer him said "I used one of her brassiere."

"Which one? I usually pick them for her" he replied.

"The skin colored one" she replied shyly.

"She has many skin colored ones, can I see it" he asked.

Hearing those words Nanda felt a hot current rush up her spine and as she felt she had to answer him said "well if you want to I can reveal it to you but first you should promise me one thing."

"What?" asked Adithya getting anxious?

"That you would consider me like a friend and not like a mother" she said.

"Have I not treated you like a friend? Was it not resolved earlier?" he put back the question to her.

"Yes, but still I need some assurance" she replied.

"You have it" he replied getting bolder.

"Okay. This one" saying this she slowly slid the top of her sari and putting a hand inside her blouse drew the top of the cup of her bra for him to see.

Adithya was delighted when his mother pushed her sari down and when she put her hand inside her blouse and drew out the top of her bra he felt aroused. He leaned forward to have a better look and said "does it fit you."

"It's a little tight but manageable" she said as she pushed it back.

"What size is yours" he asked?

"Why?" his mother asked pleased with his question.

"So that I can pick up some for you" he replied.

"Will you do that for me" she asked a little surprised.

"Yes, I will pick them up tomorrow" he replied.

"What size is this" she asked playfully.

'Its 32 and yours?" asked Adithya softly.

"Mine is 34" said his mother taking a deep breath.

"Which color do you fancy" he asked her.

Hearing this she blushed and said "anything which you prefer."

"Then can I see you wear them" he asked.

This questioned shocked her. She was unable to answer him back. She thought for a few seconds and asked "do you want to?"

"Yes, I do and that is the reason why I pick up for Rashmi" he said.

"What else do you pick up for her" she asked getting excited.

"All that I fancy" he replied.

"And she likes them" she asked?

"She likes them and moreover . . . . ." he did not complete the sentence.

"Yes, what" she asked getting impatient?

"She puts them on for me" he replied.

"Is it? Do you want me to wear them for you" she asked.

"Yes, if you don't mind" he uttered the words softly.

"And show them to you" she asked naughtily.

"Yes, that's the point" he replied.

"What there's for me" she asked?

"You will own them" he replied.

"Ah, as I own them you will take a look. A great idea indeed" she said teasingly.

"I will take you for a treat" he replied.

"No I don't need any of your treats" she shot back.

"Then what do you want" he asked getting closer.



"I don't know what I want. As I have come here I feel I am bound to take care of you" she said this to herself.

"What" asked Adithya?

"Nothing" she said getting up.

"Mom" called Adithya.

Looking back she said "yes."

"Can you wear that one" he asked?

"Which one" she asked getting rooted to the spot knowing very well what he wanted her to wear?

"The sari which I bought you" he replied.

"Pink one" she asked?

"Yes, the pink one" he said getting thrilled at the prospect of seeing her in it.

"If you want to" she said.

"Yes, I want you to wear it" he replied.

"Right now" she asked?

"Yes, right now" he replied taking a deep breath.

"Are you are not getting impatient" saying this she went into the room.

Adithya waited patiently for his mother to come back and when she did after 5 minutes he was thrilled to see her and said "you look gorgeous Mom."

"Are you telling me the truth" she asked lifting her eye brows.

"Yes, I am speaking the truth" he said as his eyes roamed over her.

"Are you pleased" she asked.

"Yes" hissed Adithya.

"I can see it, but I am feeling ashamed" she replied.

"Why, what for" he asked?

"To stand before you draped in this thin sari" she said.

"What's there to feel ashamed of" he asked her.

"I feel . . ." she said.

Getting to know her meaning he said "No you are not."

"Is this the way you both play games" she asked?

"Sometimes" he replied.

"And other times" she asked?

"Mama, I cannot answer that" he said.

"Why" she asked coming closer.

"Because I cannot reveal it to my mother" he replied.

"Don't forget what we resolved earlier. At present you are not talking with your mother" she said.

"I am sorry, I had forgotten it" he replied.

"Then tell me" she insisted.

"Well, usually I pick clothes which fancy me and she wears them for me" he replied.

"And wearing them she parades in front of you" she asked?

"Yes, it's like that" he replied.

"And you sit there watching" she asked?

"Yes, I love watching" he replied.

"Does she remove all her clothes" she asked?

"Sometimes she does and sometimes I comply" he replied.

"Are you missing her" she asked?

"No, not now" he replied.

"Why, because I am here" she asked?

"Yes, because you are here" he replied.

"But I cannot do what she does" she said.

"I know it but I am happy with what you have done so far" he said.

"And what is that" she asked?

"You have worn the sari which I bought" he replied.


"And you showed me your bra"


'And I had a glimpse of your swollen chest in the restaurant" he said.

"Yes, I saw you staring at my bosom in the restaurant. What else did you see" she asked.

"Nothing more" he replied.

"Did you forget what you saw yesterday" she asked?

"What did I see" he asked a little confused.

"You saw my bare belly" she replied.

"Ah! That is nothing. Now I can see more than what I saw yesterday" he said as his eyes took to her waistline.

"And that is why you made me wear this thin sari" she asked?

"Yes, I wanted to see you in it" he replied.

"Because it reveals a lot" she asked.

"Yes, it shows off your features to the maximum" he said.

"And you take pleasure in viewing it" she said.

"Yes and I am honored to watch you clad in that sari" he replied.

"You know very well how to impress a woman" she said.

"Are you impressed by my words" he asked her?

"Then what do you think prompted me to wear this sari" she asked.

"I am delighted to hear it" he replied.

"You ought to be" she replied.

"You have a gorgeous figure" he said.

"Do you say that to every woman" she asked.

"Only those who pose for me" he replied.

"Oh! You think I am gorgeous just because I am posing for you" she asked?

"No, not just because of it but you do posses a gorgeous figure" he replied.

"What's so gorgeous about me" she asked as her eyes took to her body.

"Well, you are tall. You have a beautiful face, dark eyes, rosy cheeks and pouting lips" he said.

"Do you call a woman gorgeous if she is tall, with dark eyes, rosy cheeks and pouting lips" she asked?


"Then whom do you call gorgeous" she asked?

"For the one who has a good looking bosom, a deep curvaceous waistline, well rounded buttocks, and long slender thighs" he replied.

"And you find all those features in me" she asked getting thrilled.

"Yes and more of it" he replied.

"And that is the reason you want to see me draped in this sari" she asked?

"No. Now I want to see you without your sari" he replied.

Hearing it Nanda lifted her eyebrows and said "do you think I will remove it for you" she asked?

"I hope you will" he replied.

"You have high hopes" she said.

"I have high hopes because I feel that you will oblige me" he said.

"Do you fancy me" she asked?

"Yes, I fancy you and would love to see you without your sari" he replied.

"Do I have to remove it or will you do it" she asked?

"No, remove it" he said.

"How you do want me to remove it? Slowly, sensually or discard it fast" she asked.

"Try to be as sensual as possible" he said.

"You mean go slow, reveal each part of my body step by step" she asked?

"Yes, that's it" he said and moved to the edge of the sofa to have a better look.

Nanda, holding the edge of her sari brought it down over her chest and when the top of her breasts were exposed she said "do you see anything."

"Yes, I can see the top of your bosom" he replied.

"How does it look" she asked.

"Marvelous" he replied.

"Want to see more" she asked?

"I am dying for it" he replied.

"Can you see my bosom now" she said as she drew her sari down.

"Yes, you have a swell bosom" he replied.

"Better than your wife's" she asked.

"Yes, they are fully endowed" he replied.

"You mean they are bigger than hers" she asked.

"Yes by two inches" he replied.

"When did you measure them" she asked.

"I did not measure them. It's visible and moreover you said you use 34 size bra" he replied.

"Oh! Yes I told you. Shall I drop this down" she asked holding the sari.

"Yes, please" he replied.

"And allow you to see my bare waist' she asked.

"Yes, that's the part I want to see very badly" he replied.

"Does it make you go crazy looking at it" she questioned him?

"Yes, that is the best part of a woman's anatomy and it makes one go crazy" he replied.

"And you want to see it and go crazy seeing it" she asked.

"Yes, yes" he replied as he saw his mother slip the sari out of her hands.

"Happy" she asked seeing his eyes pop out of their sockets.

"You have a lovely waist. Your belly is gorgeous. You are well built and the figure just below your belly is ravishing to look at" he replied.

"What about my legs" she asked?

"I will come to it after viewing below your waistline" he replied.

"What do you see there" she asked as she started trembling with pleasure.

"The most alluring thing a woman possesses" he said.

"And what is that" she asked as she started to cream out.

"The area below your tummy which is curved in and ending where your legs meet is tantalizing to see" he said.

"Even though it is covered" she asked?

"Yes, even though it is covered. It looks more magnificent translucent than being left bare" he replied.

"Why is it so" she asked.

"Because it tantalizes you before you see it bare" he replied.

"And what happens after you see it bare. Does it not tantalize you anymore" she asked.

"Once if it is laid bare then your eyes will not have any thing more to visualize and hope for" he replied.

"What are your eyes dreaming of" she asked?

"To see one of the most sacred part a woman possesses" he replied.

"So you call it a sacred part and what do you call this" she asked as her hands fondled her breasts.

"Well it is not so sacred, as nowadays it is a common sight" he replied.

"So you have seen women go top less" she said.

"I had the pleasure when I took the trip to the West" he replied.

'Then you don't intend to see them" she said cupping her breasts.

"Who said so" he asked.

"I thought that's what you meant just now" she replied.

"No, they are different" he replied.

"And how is that" she asked.

"Your wheatish complexion, your Asian heritage, makes all the difference" he replied.

"So you want see them" she asked.

"Yes of course" he shot back.

"But I did not say that I would be revealing them" she said.

"I know but I hoped you do so" he replied knowing very well that the show was coming to an end.

"You always hope for the best," saying this she pulled out her tucked sari and let it drop down thinking that the show had come to an end.

That was the grave mistake which Nanda committed. As soon as the sari fell, unknowingly she had let Adithya see the wet patch on her petticoat. Her petticoat had stained as she had climaxed a few moments ago and she had forgotten that she had left behind a tell tale sign.

Adithya jumped out of his seat when he saw the wet patch on his mother's petticoat. Though he had thought his mother was enjoying the show, he had never considered that she would have climaxed. This took the wind out of him and he leaned forward to have a closer look.

Nanda saw him change his stance and when she saw his eyes were glued and unmoving, she followed his gaze and was shell shocked to see the wet patch on her petticoat. She stood wondering what she had done and how foolish she was. As she bent down to collect her sari to hide the wet spot, she saw him getting up.

As she looked at him approaching she was astonished to hear him say "drop it, let me continue from where you left."

"What" she said trembling a little?

"I have yet to see your back" he said moving behind her.

"What's there to see" she said trying to stall him.

"I have not seen your back yet" he said gripping her shoulders.

"Is it necessary? Are you not satisfied with what you saw" she said trying hard to stop him.

"Your back is exquisite" he replied as he pushed her hair aside and baring her back, started caressing it.

Nanda's body trembled as she felt his hands on her bare back and regaining her composure she said "have you finished looking."

"No I have just started" saying this he brought his lips on the nape of her neck and kissed it.

It was then that Nanda realized that she was helpless. She knew it was out of her reach to stop him and when she felt his lips on her back her body started to warm up to it. Throwing all caution to the wind she said "how does my back look."

"Its alluring but your blouse is covering too much" he said.

Hearing it she said "how sad."

"Yes, it is very sad" saying this he brought his hand on her blouse and started pushing the thin material down.

Feeling the pressure of his hand on the blouse and knowing very well that the material would be shred to pieces she said "do you think what you are doing is necessary."

"Why? What will happen" he asked exerting more pressure.

"The blouse will be shred to pieces" she replied.

"What shall I do to have a look" he asked getting thrilled by her words.

"The hooks are in front" she replied softly.

"Is it" saying this he brought his hands in front and clasped her blouse over her breasts.

As Adithya brought his hands over her bosom Nanda leaned her body on his and moaned.

"Are you comfortable" he asked as he felt his mother leaning over his body.

"Yes" she replied nuzzling closer and took a deep breath which made her breasts swell forward.

Adithya taking hold of the flaps of her blouse started to unhook her blouse slowly and when he unhooked the last, nuzzling his face on the nape of her neck said "lift your hands and allow me to discard it."

Nanda obliged and when Adithya removed her blouse and started to caress her breasts, she placed her hands on his head and drawing him closer said "what are your hands feeling."

"The most gorgeous mounds" he replied.

"Is it a fact or are you just telling it to please me" she asked.

"Believe me, they are full and marvelous to feel at" he said as he squeezed them gently.

"And you love fondling them" she asked.

"Yes I love fondling them" he said as he cupped her breasts in both his hands.

"Are you enjoying yourself doing it" she asked.

"As if you are not enjoying'" he said.

"How do you know I am enjoying" she asked?

"Because your nipples are erect" he said squeezing them.

"Is it a sign of a woman's arousal" she asked.

"Yes it is a sure sign of a woman's arousal as this is of a man" saying this he pushed his erect cock on her back.

"That surely is aroused" she replied as she felt his hard cock on her back.

"Yes, it is" saying this he made her turn and took a few steps to reach the corner of the room.

"What did you do that for" she asked.

"See for yourself," saying this he pushed aside the curtain in front of them and revealed a full length mirror.

As Adithya pushed the curtain, Nanda saw the reflection of her seminude body and Adithya's hands caressing her breasts. Seeing his face lodged on her shoulders she felt ecstatic. Trembling with desire she asked "Is this another trick you play with."

"Yes" he replied.

"Why is it necessary" she asked?

"Because standing back I can have a look at the body and guide my hands to the spot I want and besides can also view what my hands are feeling" he said looking at her face in the mirror.

"I see your point" she said when she saw him eyeing at the reflection and pushing the bra out exposing her breasts.

"Yes, this is the best way to look at a woman's body" he replied.

"Don't you think you would have had a better look discarding the bra" she asked.

"No, as I have told you I don't like to fully denude a woman" he replied nuzzling his face on hers, kissing her cheeks and searching for her lips.

"And now what are your lips searching for" she asked biting her lips in anticipation of a kiss.

"They are searching your pouting lips" brought one of his hands and turned her face.

"Do you want to kiss me" she asked turning her face towards his?

"No I want you to kiss me" he said opening his mouth.

"On your lips" she asked?

"No on my mouth" he said.

"Oh! You are a baby" saying this Nanda opened her mouth and kissed him passionately.

As his mother kissed him, Adithya tightened his grip over her and smacking his mouth hard on her soft lips he raped her mouth with his tongue.

Nanda's body sizzled as she felt his lips and tongue marauding her mouth. Holding him tightly she reciprocated by pushing her tongue inside his mouth and as her tongue invaded it she creamed again.

When they drew their mouths apart Nanda wetting her lips said "I have never been kissed like that."

"Did you not like it" he asked.

"Like it? It made me cum" she replied hiding her face on his shoulders.

"Mine is also throbbing and ready to shoot" he replied embedding his cock on her fleshy back.

On feeling his hard cock throbbing on her back she asked, "What do you want me to do to make it shoot?"

"First let my eyes feast on yours" he said lifting her face up and looking into her eyes.

Hearing those words Nanda shied away and bowing her head she asked "will seeing mine make you cum."

"Yes it will, but undress me first" he replied.

"Is it necessary" she asked looking up at his face.

"Yes, it would give some comfort to it" he replied looking down at his swollen prick.

"Is it not comfortable being lodged on my soft back" she asked wriggling her body over his manhood.

"Being held captive in the pants it is aching" he replied.

"Poor thing" saying this she started to unbutton his shirt.

Adithya was thrilled when she started to remove his shirt and he helped her in removing it.

As Nanda removed his shirt she fully turned to face him and seeing the impression of his full blown cock tenting up in his pants, she bit her lips and asked "is it huge."

"See it for yourself" said Adithya projecting his body in front of her.

"It appears enormous" saying this, Nanda gently unbuttoned his pants and holding the zipper in her hands she pulled it down.

As the pants fell on the ground Adithya stepping out of it felt relieved and looking at his mother said "it is at ease now."

"Then, don't you want me to remove this" she asked pulling the waist band of his briefs.

"Only if you desire to have a look" he replied.

"Do you think coming so close, I don't want to see it" she asked looking at his face lewdly.

"I know you are impatient to see it" he replied.

"You have read my mind" saying it she pushed his briefs down and exposing his swollen cock said, "it is massive."

"You should be proud of it" he replied.

"Why, to possess it?" she asked.

"No, because you own it" he replied as he could not say you gave birth to it.

"I know what you mean" she said holding his cock in her hand and looking at its features.

"Like it" he asked her.

"How can I say no to something which is mine" she replied.

"Yes, and now it is my turn" he said embracing her.

"To see from where it came" she let out the words in an aroused state of mind.

"Yes, from where it came" saying this he made her turn facing the mirror again.

"Do you still desire to see its reflection" she asked.

"Yes, it is my fantasy" saying this he bent down and holding the hem of her petticoat he started to raise it slowly.

As Adithya took hold of her petticoat, Nanda went up on her toes and nudged his erect on her buttocks.

Adithya feeling his cock embed between her soft buttocks felt ecstatic. He suddenly pushed his hand inside her petticoat and gripped her thighs hard.

Nanda moaned as his bare hands invaded her inner thighs. Wriggling her buttocks on his erect cock her body went in raptures.

Adithya's cock was throbbing. He felt any moment he was going to blow. Gripping his mothers thighs strongly he started jabbing his cock between her buttocks. Soon his cock was on the verge of shooting and knowing he could not sustain it any longer he pushed his mother's thighs wider and lifting her petticoat up he bared his mothers buttocks and when he saw his mother's buttocks, he screamed 'Mama' and started spraying his cum on them.

Nanda was pleased to hear him utter the word 'Mama' and turning to face him she asked "did you enjoy it, Adi."

"Yes Mama, I came before I could take a look at it," he replied.

"What made you cum dear" she asked.

"Your buttocks Mama. Thrusting my cock between your warm buttocks, I felt as if I was inside you" he replied.

"Where they so warm and soft" she asked.

"Yes Mama, they are soft and warm" he replied.

"Now can I go" she asked?

"Mama, I have yet to see yours" he replied.

'Why do you want to see it? Has this not been satisfied" she said gripping his limp cock.

"It is but my eyes are not" he replied.

"Now is it the turn of your eyes" she asked.

"Yes Mama" he replied.

"After seeing it don't you think this one will regain its strength" she asked fondling his cock.

"Yes, it is quite obvious" he replied.

"Then will it not be its turn," she said looking at his cock which was half erect.

"Yes" he replied.

"Then will it not ask for something else. When is this going to stop" she asked?

"Not till I am famished" he replied.

"I don't think a robust guy like you will ever be famished" she said.

"You should be proud of it. Remember I am your son" he replied.

"Yes, an insatiable son" she replied.

"And you a willing mother" he said embracing her.

"Now don't take it for granted' she said hugging him.

"I won't, but give me a chance' he asked.

"And what is that, to see my pussy' she asked lewdly.

Hearing his mother utter the word pussy Adithya was aroused again. His cock regained its strength and replying in the same tone he said 'Yes and also to slide my cock inside your pussy."

"What do you call sliding the cock inside the pussy" she asked.

"It's called fucking and I want to fuck you" he said.

"You want to fuck me, not just see my cunt" she asked.

"Yes, I want to fuck you, screw you" he replied.

"Then take me to your room" she replied.

Adithya was pleased to hear it and at once he guided his mother to his room.

As soon as they entered the room "Yes, take me my son, take me before I change my mind' saying this she embraced him.

Holding his mother tight in his arms Adithya lifted her and placed her on the cot.

Nanda's body was on fire. She had not been fucked since years. Her body craved for it. She started squirming on the bed.

Adithya after putting his mother down on the cot crawled over her and taking hold of one of her legs he started kissing her heels.

Nanda lifted the other leg and caressed his erect cock with it, while all the time her body was writhing with pleasure.

As his mother lifted the other leg the petticoat slipped baring her rich thighs and seeing it Adithya immediately placed himself between them and holding both her legs he placed them over his shoulders.

This action made the petticoat to slip further down. Adithya had a bird's view of her rich thighs. He saw his mother's thighs which were fine tuned and glistening.

Bending down he lifted her petticoat up to her waist. This finally revealed her lush cunt hidden amidst thick black silky hair. Adithya's eyes popped out when he saw his mother's cunt. It was a sight to behold for ever. His eyes strained gazing at the pink lips of her wet cunt and he could not draw them back.

Nanda feeling his intense gaze on her naked cunt said "is that what you wanted to see."

"Yes, I always dreamt that I could see your cunt" he replied.

"How does my cunt look? Is it any better than Rashmi's" she asked?

"Rashmi does not have such a gorgeous cunt and this, this looks heavenly" he said as his fingers groped her pubic hair.

"Does she not have hair over her cunt" she asked?

"She has a little but not so thick and silky like yours" he replied.

"Do you like to see a hairy pussy" she asked?

"Yes, I love to see a hairy pussy and also hairy under arms" replied.

"You mean this" she asked lifting her arms and exposing her armpits.

"Yes, they look exquisite" he said putting his hands across her arms and leaning his body over hers and facing her.

Nanda was delighted to feel his heavy body crush over hers. Holding his face in her hands she asked "tell me about Rashmi."

"What do you want to hear about her" he asked brushing her hair from her face.

'Tell me what she likes to do in bed" she asked.

"First she entices me by a scintillating dance where in she discards her clothes" he replied.

"Then she undresses me, mostly using her teeth to unhook or unzip my clothes" he said.

"She uses her mouth a lot" she asked.

"Yes whenever my cock goes limp she sucks it till I regain" he replied.

"So she sucks your cock. Do you reciprocate" she asked.

"Yes, I love the scent of her cunt and I go crazy kissing it" he replied.

"So you kiss her pussy" she asked?


"And like it too" she said.

"Yes, I love doing it" he replied.

"You love doing it" she asked again.

"Yes, why" he asked looking at her face.

"I just asked" she replied.

"Do you like being kissed there" he asked his mother.

"Is it a question to ask? Everywoman loves being kissed there" she replied.

"And you are no different" he said.

"How can I be" she replied.

"Do you want me to do it for you" he asked looking directly into her eyes.

"If it does not offend you going down on your mother" she replied.

"Will you reciprocate the same" he asked.

"I would not mind taking him in my mouth" she replied.

"Right now" he asked?

"Yes, right now I want him in my mouth" she said.

Hearing it Adithya straddled his mother's chest and holding his erect cock in his hand said "Mama I wanted to ask you to suck my cock from the beginning."

"Then why did you not do it" she said taking hold of his cock in her hand.

"I thought you would not like doing it" he said.

"What made you think like that? Am I not a woman? Don't I know what a man likes? Don't I know how to please a male?" She threw him the questions as she brought his cock closer to her mouth.

"Kiss it Mama" cried Adithya.

"Yes, yes, come closer dear," saying this she placed a few pillows below her head and taking hold of his cock she started kissing the tip of his head.

"Now take it in Mama" cried her son.

"You want him inside my mouth. Does my son want me suck this lovely cock" saying this she opened her mouth and placing it inside her mouth she engulfed its head inside.

Adithya was ecstatic when his mother took his cock's head deep into her mouth. His body trembled and pushing his body closer to her face he asked "can I fuck your mouth Mama."

Pulling his cock out of her mouth she asked "does Rashmi allow you to fuck her mouth."

"Yes, I usually ram it inside her mouth" he lied putting one of his fingers inside his mother's mouth and widening it.

"Show me how you do it to her" she said opening her mouth wide.

Hearing those words Adithya's cock started pulsating. Positioning his cock right over his mother's mouth he shoved it in fully.

Nanda took his cock fully inside her mouth and bringing her hands over his buttocks she looked up at his face and nodded her head.

Adithya seeing him mother nodding his head started ramming his cock inside her mouth.

Nanda was ecstatic to feel her son's cock poke her throat and his balls hit her face. Lifting her face up she allowed him to penetrate deep inside her throat.

Adithya intensified his thrusts. He started pounding his mother's mouth with his cock and soon felt he was on the verge of coming. "Mama it is great" he cried.

Pulling out his cock from her mouth and holding its saliva filled head she asked "is he going to shoot."

"Yes Mama, put it back in your mouth" he cried.

"I want him to shoot on my face" she replied.

"Then give it some more licks and he will be ready" he shouted.

"Yes, yes" saying this she again took his cock inside her mouth and started licking its head with her tongue.

Adithya could not control any longer. Giving it a final push inside her mouth he removed it out and positioning it on his mother's face he shot his cum over it.

Nanda felt his cock spraying his hot cum over her face and when he was coming to an end she directed his spray inside her mouth and lapped it with her tongue.

Adithya felt exhausted by his spent. He had shot a thick load of cum, much larger than the previous one. He slowly slid down from his mother's body and gripping her he laid his head upon her bosom and rested.

Nanda embraced him in her arms and seeing that he was tired allowed him to rest. It was when she felt the desire to pee; she pushed him aside and went inside the bathroom.

As she came out of the bathroom she saw her son lying on the bed resting his head on a stack of pillows and waiting for her and as soon as she came near him he pulled her up on to him.

Nanda on being drawn up his body now faced him and looking at his smiling face said "so you had a good time inside my mouth."

"Yes, my cock felt wonderful inside your warm saliva filled mouth" he replied.

"I am proud that my mouth was of some use to your cock" she replied.

"Not only your mouth but you should be proud of your whole body" he replied.

"Do I possess such a body" she asked looking down.

"Yes" he replied pulling her up.

"Now what" she asked?

"Stand up" he commanded.

Nanda was mystified to hear this. Putting each foot on either side of his body she stood up on the cot.

Adithya lifting both his hands started rolling up her petticoat and when it reached over her buttocks he brought one of his hands over her moist cunt and said "bring this on my face."

Nanda was delighted to hear this. Spreading her legs a little she slowly positioned her cunt down on his face.

As Nanda came down she felt her son nuzzling his mouth over her bushy cunt. This sent wild desires up her body and as he continued separating her pubic hair from her cunt lips she held the frame of the cot and pushed her cunt on to his mouth and screamed "kiss it Adi."

Adithya went wild on inhaling the musky smell of his mother's cunt. It invigorated him and soon felt his cock regaining its strength. Bringing his hands over his mother's lush buttocks he held them tightly and drawing her cunt closer to his mouth he kissed it hard.

Nanda started gyrating her cunt over his mouth and when she felt him open his mouth she smacked her cunt hard on his mouth. Adithya on feeling his mother's cunt over his mouth slid out his tongue and started lapping her cunt lips. Nanda was ecstatic. Her body started convulsing and as her son pushed his tongue inside her cunt, she again smacked her cunt lips on his lips.

This brought her to orgasm. Holding the bedpost tightly she started lashing her cunt on his face. This made her pulsating cunt to open up and feeling his face nuzzled inside she creamed out.

Adithya felt her juices flow from her cunt. He started lapping at it and when the flow subsided he felt his mother relaxing. Pushing her down on the bed he straddled on his mother's thighs and looking at the pink slit of his mother's cunt open to his gaze he took hold of his erect cock in his hand.

Nanda seeing his cock erect again was surprised. "What made it to get aroused so soon" she asked.

"It was the musky aroma of your beautiful dripping cunt" he replied.

"Now is it the turn of my body odor to make you aroused" she asked?

"Yes" he replied.

"Tell me what else arouses you" she asked.

"Just looking at you arouses me" he replied.

"I can't believe it, why is it so" she said.

"It's because you possess a ravishing body" he replied.

"What about Rashmi does it happen with her too" she asked.

"Not as much as you" he replied.

"Why is it so, does she not possess a good looking figure" she asked.

"She is more on the thinner side" he replied.

"But I was under the impression that men like her type of figure" she said.

"It only looks good but it is totally different to have a heavier body underneath you" he replied.

"So that you get a good cushion" she asked.

"Yes, the feel of a lush body is very different" saying this he lay upon her fully.

"Feeling comfortable" she asked as he lay flat upon her.

"Yes, it is a wonderful feeling to feel a full body" saying this he embraced her fully.

"I too like a well muscled body like yours," saying this she held him tightly to her body.

"Can you feel my cock poking near your cunt" he whispered in her ear.

"Yes, what is it searching for" she asked.

"Searching for a hot opening to invade" he replied.

"Then why does he not invade it" she asked embracing him tightly.

"Guide me inside" he said.

"You are a baby" saying this she held his cock and guided it to the opening of her cunt.

"Put it inside" he said.

"Can't you do it" she asked guiding his cock head inside her cunt.

"I can but I would like you to do it to me" he replied.

"Does it give you more pleasure" she asked.

"Yes, the feel of your hand on my cock is wonderful" he said.

"There he is in, now what do you want" she asked.

"Let it be inside, let it get accustomed to its surroundings" saying this he started gyrating his cock head inside her cunt.

"Is it the way you do to Rashmi" she asked.

"No, I usually fuck her straight" he replied.

'Is hers tighter than mine" she asked.

Hearing this Adithya looked into her face. "It is a little tight but yours is very luscious" he replied poking his finger into his mother's mouth and caressing it.

Nanda lapping his fingers said "I wish she was here."

Hearing this Adithya was surprised and asked "why?"

"If she was here then I would have got some rest" she replied.

"You mean you would have let me do this to you even if she was here" he asked getting excited at the proposition.

"Yes, I would have welcomed her company" she replied looking at him directly.

"Is it a fact? Are you sure" he asked.

"Why? don't you want her to know what you did to me" she asked.

"I have not thought of it" he replied a little puzzled.

"If I was in your place I would have let her know" she said biting his ears.

"Do you want me to tell her" he asked getting doubly aroused.

"Yes, why not, invite her" she replied.

"Are you interested" he asked.

"Yes, I would love to watch her scintillating dance" she said.

Hearing it he was ecstatic. His cock started throbbing. Lifting his body a little he rammed his cock deep into his mother's cunt and said "I will, I will."

"Yes, call her," saying this she started to reciprocate his moves by thrusting her body up for deeper penetration.

Adithya started pounding his cock deep inside his mother's cunt all the time thinking Rashmi was watching the scene. This gave him added vigor and his thrusts gained momentum.

Nanda seeing her son go ecstatic lifted her feet up giving him more room to pierce her inner labia and as he dug his cock deeper she said "when thinking about her has made you grow stronger, I wonder how it will be if she was here."

"Yes indeed it has brought a change in me. What about you" he said as he held both her feet and placing them above his shoulders he rammed his cock till it felt the rock bottom of her cunt.

Nanda too felt his cock jabbing at the walls of her cunt. She too was on the verge of climax. Holding him tightly she said "Yes, I want to be in her company, invite her."

Adithya feeling her thrashing her body upon his went into raptures and knowing that she wanted to be in the company of Rashmi added more to his vigor. "I will fetch her tomorrow," saying this he dug his cock deeply into her cunt and shot his cum inside her burrow.

Nanda went in raptures hearing him accept her proposition and as she felt his cock ejecting deep inside her cunt, she turned and pushing him down on the cot she lay upon him creaming again.