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BSTC [Boys Sexual Training Camp]

BSTC [Boys Sexual Training Camp]

I am Praveen , 20 basically Indian in US. My momma Madhuri 41 thought I am not sexually active and
Innocent in this regard. This Story is on how my Mom teached me.

Praveen sat next to his mom Madhuri on the plane, peering over at those long gorgeous legs, crossed and half exposed beneath her skirt.

As the plane trembled from turbulence his eyes were drawn elsewhere. The large swell beneath her cashmere sweater seemed to quiver each time the plane shook. After a few minutes of breast-gazing he felt a gentle squeeze on his hand.

He looked up into the eyes of his mom as she rested her head on the cushioned seatback. Praveen couldn't help but wonder how long she'd been awake and if she knew he was staring.

"Mom, you told dad we were going to stay with Aunt Rita for a week." He said.

"Yes." She said.

"Well...doesn't Aunt Rita live in Newyork. This flight's going to Florida." Praveen said.

"Do you trust me?" She said with a smile.

"Of course I do." He answered.

"Then just sit back and enjoy yourself. This trip is all about you." She said.

They landed at the airport and were greeted by a middle-aged woman in business attire.

"Mrs. Sharma?" The women asked.

"Yes." Madhuri answered.

"Hi, I'm Monique, I'm with BSTC." She said.

"Hi Monique, please call me Madhuri and this is my son Praveen." Madhuri smiled. "Pleased to meet you. If you follow me we'll join the other couples and board the plane to the island." She said.

Madhuri held her son's hand as they followed Monique down a small terminal.

"So what does BSTC stand for?" Praveen asked.

"You're trusting me on this one, remember?" She smiled.

"Yeah, I guess so." He said.

As they boarded the small plane a middle-aged woman stood up and came towards them.

"Madhuri!" She exclaimed.

"Hey!" Madhuri said excitedly as they both hugged.

"Sweetie, you remember Sunita, our old neighbor?" Madhuri asked her son.

"Of course, it's only been a couple years mom." Praveen said.

"Well, haven't you become the handsome one." Sunita smiled, looking him up and down.

"Yeah, but I can still beat his ass." Came another boys voice from the back of the plane.

"Mika!" Praveen said with surprise as he spotted his friend sitting a couple rows back.

"What's up, dude?" Mika said. "Mom, can I sit with Mika?" Praveen asked.

"Of course you can, sweetheart." She answered.

"You boys don't get to rowdy back there." Sunita said.

Praveen went back and sat next to his friend and they began to become reacquainted.

"Dude, you are one lucky fuck, man." Mika said.

"What do you mean?" Praveen asked.

"What do I mean? Look at that body." He said, drawing attention to Praveen's mom Madhuri.

"Look at that ass. Can you believe you're gonna be tappin' that?" Mika chuckled.

"Tappin that?" Praveen muttered.

"And those fucking tits. They're fucking huge, just like my mom's...and by tomorrow morning we'll be watching 'em bounce, baby." Mika said excitedly.

"What are you talking about, dude?" Praveen asked, with a stumped look on his face.

"BSTC, baby. We're about to become momma's boys." Mika said.

"What the hell is this BSTC?" Praveen asked.

"Are you don't know?" Mika asked.

Mika shook his head, still clearly baffled.

"No, my mom wouldn't tell me." He said.

"Well neither would mine, but I have a friend who was out here a year ago with his mom and he told me all about it." Mika said.

"So what is it?" Praveen asked with growing curiosity.

"BSTC...Boys Sexual Training Camp. It's a place moms take their sons to teach 'em how to fuck." Mika explained.

"Are you serious?" Praveen asked.

"I swear to God, dude. My friend said that all he did at this place was fuck, all week long." Mika said.

"Are you sure...that's just, a little weird." Praveen muttered.

"Look around the plane, man. There's only guys our age a bunch of middle-aged moms. Dude the stories he told me about this wouldn't fucking believe" Mika said.

For the rest of the half-hour flight Praveen's sat there in disbelief. He thought about all the times he had beat off while thinking about his mom's tits and wondering what it would be like to have her long legs wrapped around him. Was his biggest dream about to become a reality?

After landing the group was taken by van to a remote area on the island. They arrived at a garage-like structure that opened up as they approached. Once inside, they drove down into a large underground entrance.

As they stepped from the van Monique directed them inside.

"I need the boys to go the left...mothers to the right please." She said.

"See you in a little while, sweetie." Madhuri said as she walked off with the other moms.

Praveen and Mika walked together with the ten other boys down a long hallway.

"Here we go baby." Mika said excitedly as they followed Monique down the hallway and into a locker room. The boys each discovered a wardrobe with their name on it.

"You have fifteen minutes...Get showered and into your white suits." She said, closing the doors behind them.

It was fifteen minutes of excited horseplay as the boys prepared for what was to come.

After they were all prepared the doors opened back up and Monique appeared, dressed in only a thin flowing silky-white gown.

"Boys, you are about to enter the hall of the Goddess. It is there you will be instructed in the ways of love by the Goddess herself. Your mothers have brought you here to be properly trained... DO NOT disappoint them." She said sternly.

"Follow me." She said, starting down the hallway.

The twelve teens followed the gorgeous hostess down the hallway, each in their matching speedo-type suits. Each boy had their eyes glued to her ass as it swayed seductively beneath the almost transparent gown.

Another set of double-doors opened into a large rectangular room with a row of strange-looking chairs. On the far side of the room the mom's were grouped together chatting, like a cluster of twelve horny girls at a school dance. Their eyes were drawn to the boys as they walked in.

The boys were nearly floored at the sight before them. The mom's outfits all matched too and each of them was wearing a white silk peek-a-boo baby doll and matching bikini panties. All their feet were arched in a sexy pair of white high-heeled sandals.

They could hear the mom's whispering as the doors closed behind them. Praveen's eyes found Madhuri and took a second to admire her from head to toe. She was whispering something to Sunita as they looked over at their sons, then she smiled a gave him a cute little wave.

As Praveen waved back Mika stepped up beside him.

"Dude I have a feeling this is gonna be the best fucking week of our lives." He muttered.

"I'm starting to think you're right." Praveen said.

"Mothers will you please find your prince and lead him to his seat." Monique said.

Praveen just stood there, mouth agape, as Madhuri strode towards him. He could see the bulging tit-meat trembling like jello as it oozed out the top of her baby-doll.

"Well don't you look handsome." She smiled.

"You look amazing, mom." He muttered.

"Not too bad for an old married mom of three, huh?" She smiled.

She reached out and he took her hand.

"Come on." She whispered.

Madhuri led her son over to their strange-looking seat and he followed what the other boys were doing by sitting down in it. Madhuri, like the other moms, turned and sat down in the seat between her son's legs and sat back so that she was resting her back against his chest.

Madhuri took her son's hand and brought them around, holding them against the flat of her tummy. Praveen's cock flexed against her ass which was now right up against it.

"OUT OF THE WOMB YOU CAME...AND INTO THE WOMB YOU SHALL RETURN!" Came a strong female voice in a British accent.

A tall gorgeous matronly figure entered the room. She was completely naked accept for her six-inch spiked-heeled sandals. She carried a whip-stick as she pranced across the room confidently.

As she strode past them, several of the boys gasped as they watched her huge pendulous tits wobble.

"I am the Goddess...and with the help of your mothers will be ushering each of you into the joys of manhood. From the time you were little boys each of you dreamed of fucking your mother while your father was at work. Well boys, your fathers aren't here...but your mothers are...and they're eager to see what you're made of." She said.

Praveen felt his mom squeeze his hands tightly.

"Most of you don't have what it takes to please the woman between your legs...that's why you're learn to suck and fuck, plain and simple. And while some of you will just make progress, a few of you will become what I call "cocks-men." It is the cocks-man who can literally fuck armies of women without blowing his load." She explained.

"What about it any of you have a potential cocks-man sitting behind you?" She asked.

Many of the women giggled. Madhuri patted her son's hand and glanced back at him with a smile.

"Yep." She said softly.

Praveen's heart about jumped out of his chest. After something like that how could he dare let his mom down.

"Let's move then to our first exercise. I need both moms and sons to stand up and face each other." The Goddess said.

As Madhuri stood, Praveen got a good look at her big meaty ass, the cheeks of which were spilling out from under the hem of her bikini panties.

"Moms, I want you to wrap your arms around your baby's neck and rest your tits against his chest." The Goddess instructed. Madhuri coiled her arms around Praveen's neck and pulled herself in. He sighed as he felt her soft sacks flatten against his chest. His body literally shuttered as she gazed up at him with those sparkling brown eyes.

"Boys, hands resting on your mother's hips." The Goddess continued.

All of the twelve boys were now embracing their moms, ready for further instruction.

"Mothers, I want you to repeat after me...only say it to your son as if you were saying it yourself." She said.

"I WANT TO FUCK YOU." She said.

Madhuri smiled a little as she gazed up at her baby. She could hear the other mothers speaking around her.

"I wanna fuck you." She said in her cute little mommy-voice.

"I WANT TO FUCK YOU HARD!" The Goddess said.

"I wanna fuck you hard." Madhuri said.

Praveen took a big gulp. The same mom who would yell at him for swearing around the house was now spitting out the lewdest of requests.


"I want you to fuck my pussy hard and make me cum." She said, but not as though she were repeating it, but as if she were really making the request.

"I WANT TO SUCK YOUR COCK AND BALLS!" The Goddess said as she paced by Praveen and Madhuri.

"I wanna suck your cock and balls." She whispered.


"I want you to ride my ass hard while I help you become a cocks-man." Madhuri said with a little smile.

"I will be." Praveen said under his breath.

"I know you will." She whispered, gazing into his eyes.

"Let's move on to our first physical exercise. I want the boys back in their seats. Once they're seated moms I want you to straddle them." The Goddess instructed.

Praveen sat back down, his big tent pole making his shorts stick way out. Madhuri followed, throwing one of her legs over his lap and bringing her meaty ass to rest on his blood engorged bulge.

Praveen let out a little sigh as he felt his mom's weight against him. He could feel the heat of her genitals through both layers of fabric. Her massive breasts were inches from his face, straining to bust through the top of the gown.

As he looked up at her, Madhuri gave him a teasing wink.

"One of the fundamentals of proper love-making is the kiss and no one has more experience with kissing than woman on your lap. Let her guide you as you spend the next half-hour making out. Making out with mum." She said, as the light in the hall suddenly dimmed and the slow soft beat of music filled the room.

Madhuri draped her arms over Praveen's shoulders and gave him a quick peck on the lips.

"Are you ready?" She whispered.

"Yeah." He smiled.

She tilted her head slightly to the side as her lips slowly moved back towards his. Madhuri started by giving her son a few slow soft sensual kisses, but it wasn't long before her tongue began to search for his.

From the moment their tongues met hers began to flutter circles around his. Her arms tightened around his neck, her breasts crushed against his chest and the pressure of her sex against his bone-hard erection intensified.

Before they knew it they were off to the races, making out like a horny young couple. Praveen's heart was pounding in his chest as his mom's tongue danced with his. He was amazed at how her long pink snake could slowly twist and roll one minute and then flutter wildly the next.

"Mmmmm." She moaned, making her son's cock flex against her vulva.

Madhuri pushed back, squashing her engorged clit against his cock-head. This caused Praveen to thrust upward and soon they were grinding against one another in a nice steady dry hump.

Madhuri licked and sucked on her son's neck. As she did Praveen looked over at the boy next to him who was also getting his neck licked by a big breasted mother. The two boys smiled at one another, knowing just what the other was going through.

The room filled with moans of twelve grown women passionately making out with their sons, each one of their matronly pussies grinding against a teenaged boner.

A few times Praveen had to pinch himself. He simply couldn't believe that the woman on top of him was his own loving mom. He was seeing a side of her that he'd never seen before and he was absolutely loving it.

The half-hour passed like a dream. The lights finally came back up and after a couple more sensual pecks Madhuri lifted her face from Praveen's.

"You did well." She softly whispered, feeding him a big gleaming smile.

"Thanks." He said.

"Mothers will now group together by the side doorway." The Goddess said.

Praveen watched his mom rise from his body and onto her feet. His boner twitched as her big breasts shifted beneath the thin covering.

"The boys will stand and slip their erections through the flies of their suites. Each cock will be measured in preparation for our next exercise." The Goddess explained. Praveen stood up and nervously fished his big boner out of the slit in his suit shorts. The other eleven boys did the same and could hear the moms whispering in the corner.

Starting with the boy on the end Monique knelt down and measured his bobbing erection.

"Seven and one quarter inches." She announced.

The chatter among the moms intensified as they heard the announcement.

Monique moved to the next boy and took a measurement.

"Eight and a half inches." She said.

There were a few gasps from the moms and an excited little giggle.

"Eight and a quarter inches." Was the next announcement.

Monique moved next to Mika who was to the left of Praveen. She knelt down and ran the tape along the length of his pole.

"Nine inches." Monique said.

Mika smiled proudly as he heard the group of MILF's gasp and giggle.

"That's my boy." Mika's mom said.

Next Monique came to Mika and knelt in front of him, staring down the barrel of his long vein-covered cannon. He watched her roll the tape down the top of his shaft and up over the tapered cock-head.

"Ten and three-quarter inches." She announced.

Praveen heard the room fill with gasps. Madhuri turned to her friend with a big wicked smile.

"HA!" She said teasingly.

The rest of the boys were measured, but none even came close to the length of Praveen's prick. The Goddess strode towards him, tits wobbling on her chest, her eyes traveling up and down his teenaged frame.

"'re the largest of the group. That makes you the alpha-male. As you will be group leader among the boys, your mother will be group leader among the women." She said.

One of the side doors opened.

"Monique will now lead the boys to the chamber of the holes for our next exercise." Monique said.

The boys followed Monique down the hallway and into a long narrow room. On one side of the room, right against the wall, were little saddle-like seats.

"Listen carefully boys. You will each find your saddle and will position yourselves facing the monitors on the wall. You will then slide your cock and balls through the hole in the saddle and await further instruction." Monique said.

Praveen, along with the other boys found his seat and did as he was instructed. The hole looked like a black doughnut and was just big enough for Praveen to feed his cock and his scrotum into. He felt nothing but open air on the other side and the spongy opening now rested flat against his pubic bone.

"In front of you are set of headphones...put them on." Monique said.

Meanwhile in the next room over the mothers followed the Goddess into another narrow chamber. Along the wall at waist level twelve hard cocks eagerly waited.

"The boys are positioned the same way they were in the hall of the Goddess. Find your prince and kneel at his phallus." She instructed.

Madhuri and Sunita walked over and found their boys cocks.

"Well even if Praveen's is almost two inches bigger...they're both beautiful." Sunita said.

"I won't argue with that." Madhuri said, smiling at both slabs of meat as they stuck as straight as arrows out from the hole.

Both moms slipped off their heels and knelt onto the soft mats against the wall. Madhuri was now face to face with her son's bobbing cock-steak. She could see a bead of pearlescent pre-cum seeping from his piss-hole. She smiled with pride as she looked at the big dangling balls hanging heavily below.

"Most of the boys, if not all of them, have never experience the intense plessure of getting head from a grown woman. These cocks have never experienced being plunged down a throat. Those bloated cock-heads have never been truly nursed on...they're virgin, eager to slip into the mouth of an experienced mother." She said.

In the next room over the lights began to dim. The monitor in front of Praveen lit up, fading into a familiar image. It was his bedroom back home. The soft beat of music began to fill his ears and he saw a long silky-smooth leg begin to slither around the doorframe.

"Just like college, huh Madhu?" Sunita smiled, as both women wrapped a tiny hand around the base of their teetering pricks.

"I think it's safe to say that our pussies are gonna be very happy this week." She smiled.

Madhuri tilted her son's cock slightly upward and planted a slow light kiss on the underside of the bloated mushroom.

Praveen sighed as he felt his mom's soft lips against his pecker. He felt the long nails of her clutching hand gently scratching the tube beneath his shaft. It sent a nonverbal message saying "it's okay...momma's gonna take care of you."

On the monitor Praveen watched his mom slip teasingly into his bedroom wearing only a skimpy bra and panties. Her huge pendulous breasts bobbled beneath the thin bra as she strode towards his bed. As she sat, Madhuri bounced her ass against the mattress a couple times as if testing its ability to handle a hard romp.

As she drug her tongue along the underside of her son's dong Madhuri could feel it flex. She got a naughty little grin, knowing that it was a response to not only what he was feeling, but also what he was seeing on the screen.

She gave his rod a few slow strokes with her clutching fist, pulling the loose skin up and down the meaty shaft. She began to flutter her tongue across the big pink helmet, splashing through the pool of pre-cum as she swiped across his piss-hole.

Praveen gasped as he felt his mom begin to work his cock. On the screen he watched as his mom fell back onto his bed and brought her long bronze legs back into the birthing position. The video was obviously shot during the day while he was at school.

He heard a few groans in the room as the other boys were treated to similar videos taken in their bedrooms. As they gawked at the screen before them many were already feeling their cocks slip down their mothers throats.

Madhuri chose to first spend some time nursing on Praveen's cock-head, rolling her tongue around the bloated knob and sucking hard on the spongy plumb.

Praveen watched as his mom stood from the bed, with her back to the camera. Her big meaty ass was spilling out from beneath the panties. Madhuri peered back at the camera teasingly as she reached around to unclasp her bra. As it came unhooked, Praveen could see the bulging contours of her boobs shift downward.

Slowly pulling the bra away Praveen caught a glimps of the sides of her tits as they wobbled free from the cups.

In the next room Madhuri was now working about three inches of cock. With each thrust of her mouth another half-inch of meat would disappear. It wasn't long before Praveen was nudging the back of her throat.

The middle-aged mom drug her tongue along the underside of her baby's prick as her lips moved up and down his big thick fucker.

Praveen watched the recording of his mom as she peeled the panties over her full heart-shaped ass giving him a little peek at the smooth swell of her clam-shell.

The camera angle changed so that it was down level with Praveen's bed. Madhuri was spralled out on her tummy on the mattress , her legs bent at the knees so that her cute little feet pointed towards the ceiling and moved around playfully.

She was propped up on her elbows with her chin resting on her palms. Her big tit-bags were spilt out onto the mattress beneath her and Praveen marveled at how soft and squishy they looked.

Madhuri looked straight into the camera hungrily and rolled her tongue across her teeth.

Seeing this made Praveen's cock quiver and a small stream of bubbling pre-cum oozed onto Madhuri's tongue. As she swallowed her son's offering she sucked hard on his pipe, nursing more pre-orgasmic syrup from his piss-hole.

Some boys groaned as they felt their cocks get the royal treatment. On each of their monitors a naked mom paraded around her son's bedroom, big tits bobbling as she swung her ass around teasingly.

The mom's room was filled with the sound of gurgling slurps as twelve middle-aged beauties eagerly fed on teenaged cock.

Madhuri relaxed her throat, slipping Praveen's cockhead past her larynx. Five more inches of meat sunk into her gullet until finally her lips rested against her son's scrotum.

Praveen's eyes rolled back as he felt the sensation of being balls deep.

On the monitor Madhuri rolled onto her back pulling the blanket over her so she remained half-covered. As she squirmed around like a horny little girl Praveen caught glimpses of his mom's rolling tit-meat as she half-attempted to keep her boobs covered. The entire time Madhuri stared into the camera feeding her watchful son a naughty smile.

Moms had been sucking cock for nearly a half-hour now and most of them at this point had fallen into a steady rhythm. Twelve heads bobbed up and back, a mix of semen and saliva trickling from their mouths.

From the next room came a few grunting cries as one by one the boys began to pop.

Praveen's body began to quiver as he let out little moans of pleasure. Madhuri was really working his dick now, sloppily fucking it with her mouth.

The boy next to him goaned and threw his head back as his cock began to erupt.

One look at the monitor and Praveen was done for. The camera was now on the bed with his mom. Madhuri was on her hands and knees leaning over and looking down into it. She held the blanket loosely against her breasts, so that only a quarter of them were covered, exposing the deepest darkest cleavage Praveen had ever seen.

He felt his balls tighten and raging torrent of cock-milk blast from his penis in big pulsing ropes.

Madhuri stayed with her baby, sucking him hard and swallowing every drop. His penis quivered and lurched for over a minute as the experienced lips and tongue pulled at his cock, extracting it's thick potent offering. After all the boys were drained they were taken back to the showers. They laughed and joked in disbelief as they reflected on the days events.

"Lunch time boys." Monique announced as she arrived to get them.

The boys were all in their skin tight shorts and tank tops and followed Moniques down another hallway into the meal hall.

The moms were scattered about the hall, talking and giggling with one another like girls in a sorority. They whispered and giggled some more as they watched the boys enter.

Praveen and Mika found their moms chatting in the corner. All the moms were now wearing a pair of lace-up hip-hugger panties and a thin cami top that accentuated the enormity of their breasts. Their feet were adorned in a matching pair of high heeled sandals.

"Here comes trouble." Sunita joked as she and Madhuri turned towards their boys.

"What's up, mom." Mika said.

"Hey handsome." Madhuri said lovingly as her son walked up to her.

"Hi." He smiled, feeling a bit awkward after being blown by his own mom.

"Havin' fun?" She smiled.

"Yeah." He muttered.

"An you thought you were gonna be miserable on this trip." She joked, making her son giggle bashfully.

"Let's get some grub dude." Mika said, pulling him towards the buffy.

"See ya mom." Praveen said, following his friend.

"Bye, sweetie." She said, giving him a cute little wave.

Sunita stepped up beside her friend.

"I know what I'd like for lunch." She said, looking Praveen up and down.

"Mmmm, me too." Madhuri smiled.

"You do realize that our pussies are gonna get royally pounded this week." Sunita said.

"Ya think?" Madhuri answered jokingly.

Praveen sat with a group of other boys and ate lunch. Every time he looked over at his mom her and Sunita would be looking back at him. Hell only knows what they were whispering to one another as they looked him up and down.

"I told you this place was cool, didn't I?" Mika said.

"Yeah, you were right about that." Praveen smiled.

"Never in my wildest dreams did I think my mom could suck cock like that." Mika said, chomping on a mouthful of food.

A few minutes later the moms were ushered out of the meal hall. The boys stared with lust. The moms were all wearing lace-up hip hugger panties and nearly half the cracks of their big bubbly asses could be seen through the laces as they strode away.

"Holy shit dude, that's fucking hot." Mika said, as they watched the jiggling booties disappear down the hallway.

About fifteen minutes later Monique came for the boys.

"Boys, follow me please." She said.

They trailed her down the hallway and back into the Hall of the Goddess. The lights were dimmed and the mothers stood by the chairs waiting. Each of them had changed into a delicate white lace bra and matching bikini panties and their feet were arched in pairs of white glamour girl marabou slippers.

The boys mouths were agape as they gawked at the site before them.

"Wow." Praveen muttered.

"Each of you will take a standing position behind your mother." The Goddess instructed as she strutted across the room. She too wore the white slippers, but nothing else.

Praveen and the other boys walked over and stood behind their moms. Madhuri now had her hair up in a bun with cute little ringlets dangling down. The white frilly fabric against her smooth bronze skin made her look absolutely breathtaking.

"You look amazing." Praveen said.

Madhuri smiled staring straight ahead as she awaited the Goddess's next instruction.

"Thank you." She said proudly.

"There is an art to undressing a woman. It is never to be done by them...but by you. I want each of you to reach forward and very gently unclap your mother's bra." The Goddess said.

Praveen had done this a couple time with girls at school so this wasn't completely new to him. The idea that this was his big breasted mother though made his cock begin to rise in his shorts.

He fumbled with the clasp for a few seconds before it popped apart.

"Now very slowly...pull the straps off her shoulders." She said.

Praveen's breath quivered with excitement as he brushed his fingers over the soft skin of his mom's shoulders.

"Now...I want you to step up closely behind her. Many of you have erections right now and that's fine...I want you to press your erection against the cheeks of her ass while you reach around and slip the cups from her breasts." The Goddess said.

Praveen's boner struck Madhuri's meaty bottom and turned upward so that the base of his shaft rested between the softness of her buns. He reached around and gently uncovered her rack. He had a birdseye view as he gazed down over her shoulder and literally gasped as her huge hanging udders became exposed.

Madhuri looked up at her son and gave him a cute little mommy-smile. She could tell here baby was in tittie heaven.

"I want each of you to reach around now and cup your mother's breasts." The Goddess said.

Praveen nervously brought his hands up and lifted Madhuri's boobs from her tummy. He could feel the spongy flesh literally oozing through his fingers.

"Now I want you to gently squeeze them and feel how soft they are." She continued.

Madhuri thrust her chest out a little slightly tilting her head back as her son began to knead her large milk-sacks. She could feel his cock pulse excitedly against her ass.

"Feel her nipples and areola...pinch them between your fingers. Feel how thick and rubbery they are." The Goddess said.

Given the size of Madhuri's breasts, her areola were absolutely massive, easily as big around as an orange. Praveen felt their bumpy texture between his fingers, wishing it was his mouth that was latching onto them.

"I want the boys to step back and take off their shirts. Mothers, turn around and face them." The Goddess said.

Praveen peeled off his shirt and just about froze as his mom turned towards him. Her big bobbling breasts were a sight to behold. By now Praveen's boner was tenting out obscenely in his shorts.

Madhuri just smiled at her boy, savoring his reaction.

"Each couple will now embrace. Mums, it is critical that during your coupling your boys feel your breasts sandwiched against their chests." The Goddess said. Madhuri stepped towards her son and coiled her arms around his neck. Praveen placed his hands on her waist as she moved in tight, flattening her jiggling jugs against his bare chest.

"See buster, you're not the only one in this family who's well endowed." She said softly, with a flirty little smile.

"Mothers...without without breaking your embrace, step out of your heels in preparation for the next exersize." The Goddess said.

Madhuri slipped her sexy feet from her heels and pushed them aside. She was a few inches shorter than her son now and stared up into his bright blue eyes.

"Boys...slide your hands down and cup the cheeks of your mother's ass. On the count of three, you'll be lifting her from the floor and she'll be throwing her legs around you." The Goddess instructed.

Madhuri's ass felt amazing as her son's fingers dug into her cheeks.

"One...two...three." Came the count.

Madhuri used her feet to spring from the floor and gracefully wrapped her long bronze legs around her son's waist. He could feel her tits sloshing against him and his boner now dug against the swell of her clam.

Praveen marveled at the look on his mom's face. She was like a horny teenaged girl who was about to be pounded by the big-dicked football star.

"There is padded wall behind you. Carry your mother over and pin her against it." The Goddess said. The boys did as they were instructed. Praveen felt a rush of excitement as it struck him that he was pinning his own gorgeous mom against the wall. The woman who had given birth to him and coddled him growing up was now clutching onto him as he held her up off the floor like a little rag doll.

"You will now engage in another half-hour of making out. Practice makes perfect boys." The Goddess said.

Madhuri didn't waste any time. Her lips dove straight for her sons and they began to kiss passionately. As their tongues rolled and danced together Praveen couldn't help but wonder if this was all just one big wet dream.

"Making out with mom...what a rush." He thought.

Madhuri was impressed by both her son's strength and his ability to learn fast. She could already sense his confidence as he grinded his cock against her panty-covered twat.

"My baby boy's all grown strong and handsome." She thought.

"And with a ten inch penis...God, I haven't had something that big since college. Madhuri, honey you are definitely gonna get a hammering this week." She thought.

"Boys, put your mother's down and follow them back over to your seats." The Goddess said, announcing the end of the half-hour session.

Praveen's mom slipped to the floor and he followed her back over to the seat as requested.

"The mothers will now sit and the boys will kneel in front of them." She instructed.

Praveen couldn't peel his eyes away from Madhuri's huge tits. They seemed to have a life of their own, wobbling around pendulously.

"Gently and slowly, as you did the bra, each boy will now remove his mother's panties." The Goddess said.

Madhuri lifted her butt up off the seat a little as Praveen reached up and began to slide her panties down her long legs. He was struck with the pungent vaginal aroma as he gazed at the soft hairless folds, which were crown by a cute little strip of pubic fuzz.

"Ladies, leaning back on the seat, I want you to throw your legs back into a spread eagle." The Goddess said.

Madhuri, along with the other moms, rested her back on the tilted seat making her tits roll off the sides of her chest. She curled her legs up, then parted them until they were each pointing to opposite sides of the room.

Praveen just knelt there with his jaw to the floor as his mom exposed her precious flower in all it's glory. He watched her labial meat slowly peel apart, revealing the opening to her gaping fuck-hole. He smiled excitedly, having a pretty good guess as to what was coming next.

Outside, the sun began to set on the private island compound. Inside, twelve middle-aged moms began to squeal with pleasure as their well hung teenaged boys lapped at their cunts.

Madhuri now had her legs wrapped around Praveen's head, trapping his face against her twat as he devoured her. Her body was having little orgasmic contractions as she panted.

"Remember boys, concentrate on the clit. Suck it and lick it. Make her cum." The Goddess said.

Praveen breathed through his nose as his tongue went crazy against Madhuri's twat. With his face buried between her legs the lucky teen gazed up over the swell of her pubic bone and watched his mom's big tits quake as her body convulsed.

"OHHHHHH, GOD!" Her sexy voice rang out as an orgasm stuck her.

Other mom's were screaming out as they too had their cunts devoured. Soon a choir of screaming moms filled the hall.

"After a woman cums during oral sex her cunt will become very sensitive. It'll need to recover for a few moments before it's eaten again. At this point you'll begin to lick her asshole." The Goddess said.

Praveen lapped at Madhuri's butt-hole. His nose was now buried between her labia and the strong feminine aroma was beginning to make his head spin.

"Now boys, using two fingers I want you to find your mother's G. The G-spot is a rough area on the roof of the vagina. Pay close attention her body and you'll know when you've found it." The Goddess said.

Praveen curled two fingers into Madhuri's cunt and began his search. It didn't take him long before his mom's body reacted.

"Oh yeah right there." She gasped. "As you manipulate the G-spot I want each of you to go back to working her clit with your tongue. If done correctly it won't be long before she achieves another strong orgasm." The Goddess said.

It wasn't long at all. No more than a minute after Praveen began to massage her sweet-spot, Madhuri's back literally arched off the seat as her body began to quiver.

"OOOOHHHH, YEEEAAAHHH!!!" She screamed.

With his tongue flailing against her fat nub Praveen got a big cocky smile on his face. His head rose and fell, staying with her as Madhuri thrust her hips up and down.

"Holy shit I making mom cum hard." He thought.

Middle-aged moms howled for several minutes as they were brought off by the developing skills of their big-dicked teenaged sons.

"Well moms, how did they do?" The Goddess asked.

The moms giggled and sighed as they fought to catch their breath.

"Do our boys diserve a special treat?" She continued.

The women all shouted out "yes" as the boys hearts began to pound with excitement.

"How about some time with mom in the hot sack?" The Goddess asked.

The moms cheered in unisone, approving of the idea. The boys of course were baffled, having no idea what the "hot sack" was. They would soon find out as they were ushered down the hallway and into another room.

Along the wall were twelve holes, big enough for them to climb into. Monique followed the boys into the room as the door closed behind her.

"Remove your shorts and find the opening with your name on it." She said.

The boys did as they were instructed and stood by their designated hole in the wall, their hard cocks bobbing with anticipation. They couldn't see very far into the holes but what they could see looked like the inside of a big latex condom.

"This will be the final exercise of the day so you'll be given as much time in the sack as you need." Monique explained.

Another women stepped inside the room and looked at Monique.

"The sacks are boiling and the moms are ready." She said.

"Well then the sack awaits you boys. Slip inside and get your cocks off." She smiled.

Praveen climbed into the hole. The soft elastic sides were slick to the touch and his body slid easily down into the mouth of the sack. Gliding to the bottom of the room-sized sack Praveen found himself in complete darkness. His body rested in a shallow pool of hot slippery liquid.

"That must be my big-dicked baby boy." He heard a soft voice say.

"Mom?" He called.

Praveen was on his back and he suddenly felt a soft oily body slither up between his legs and onto his chest. He gasped as felt the spongy flesh of two huge slippery tits roll onto him.

"And you thought this was gonna be a boring summer." Madhuri whispered.

"I guess I was wrong. Why did you decide to bring me here?" He sighed.

With her body now on top of his Madhuri brought her lips to her son's ear.

"A year ago when I thought you were becoming sexually active I told your father he should have a talk with you. Do you know what he told me?" She asked.

"What?" Praveen asked.

"He told me he didn't have time, that I should take care of it...Well, guess what?" She asked.

"What?" He muttered.

"I'm taking care of it." She whispered naughtily.

Like a hungry animal Madhuri began to devour her son's face with sloppy kisses. Soon their lips met and their tongues began to wrestle.

"Tell me what you want, sweetie. Tell momma." She whispered.

"I wanna..." Praveen hesitated, feeling her tongue flail at his neck.

"To have sex with you." He panted.

"Does my baby wanna bury that big beautiful penis?" She asked in a seductive tone.

"Oh yeah." Praveen sighed.

"Does he wanna take his mom to paradise?" She asked.

"I do." Praveen voice quivered.

Madhuri fell to the side, rolling her son up on top of her. Praveen felt her long legs slide up against his waist as she threw them back. He felt her tiny hand clasp his rod and lick her greasy split with the bulbous cock-head. As he felt it slip into the hot fuck-socket Praveen thrust his hips, causing Madhuri's velvet nest to stretch around his beefy erection.

"Oh yeeeeaaaahhhhh!" She hissed as Praveen's pipe sunk into the sensitive depths of her most sacred chamber.

With only an inch left Praveen's cock-head turned slightly upward as it met the spongy head of Madhuri's cervix.

"Oh mom!" The teen groaned, his cock was so engorged with blood it felt like it was going to explode.

"Oh baby." Madhuri whined.

Praveen snaked his thick fuck-steak back a few inches, then thrust forward burying his meaty pecker straight to the root. Madhuri responded by thrusting her pelvis upward and her son's cock stretched her uteri as her cunt swallowed another girthy inch.

Rocking her hips with her legs coiled around him, Madhuri milked her son's oversized penis as it slipped back and forth a few inches at a time.

"Oh Gooooddd!" His young voice quivered as he rested his head on her shoulder.

"That's it, sweetie just let it cream." She said, lengthening her strokes.

Four inches of meat now slipped up and down Madhuri's birth canal as she used her strong hip muscles to hump her baby's dong. Pre-cum was at a constant dribble now as Praveen's mighty cock-head stretched the delicate walls of his mom's fuck-box. His large spear plunged up and down her pink cave like a super-engorged battering ram.

"Ohhh yeeaahhh!" Her cute little voice hissed.

"Oh mom, I'm gonna...." He started.

"CUMMING!!!" She said as her body began to convulse.

"OOOOOUUUUUGGGHHH!!!!!" Praveen grunted as the first milky bast erupted from his penis.

"EEEEEUUUUUHHHH!!!!" Madhuri's voice screeched as she came hard.

Her ass now bounced violently up and down as she clutched her son's ass, pistoning his sausage up and down her spasming pussy.

"UUUHHHH....UUHHHHH!!!!" Praveen grunted as rope after rope pulsed from his cannon.

For two full minutes mom and son bucked and lurched in sexual bliss as their genitals thumped together.

"Oh, mom, that was...oh God." Praveen sighed as he caught his breath.

"You needed that didn't you sweetie?" She asked.

"Oh yeah...I'm sorry I came so quick. It just felt so good inside you." He said.

"It's okay. Your penis needed to cream...and now that it has, we'll do what we need to do to keep your boner hard. You just a few minutes you'll be ready to pound some more of that yummy pussy." She said.

"Uh, if you keeping talking like that I will be." Praveen said.

"Oh, you like to hear mommy talk dirty, don't you baby?" Madhuri teased.

"Oh yeah." Praveen sighed.

Madhuri quickly rolled her son back over onto his back. She was now straddling him, his half-limp cock still tucked inside her pouch. Her chest was still against his, her big bra-busters pancaked against him.

"You like to hear me talk about how I'm gonna smother your dick in warm pussy?" She whined.

"Yeah." He muttered.

"How I'm gonna fuck you silly this week and teach you to be a cocks-man?" She said, kissing at his ear.

Praveen's body quivered with excitement as he slid his hands back and squeezed her big meaty ass.

"Uh-huh." He hummed.

Already the blood was rushing back to Praveen's cock. Madhuri could feel it expand inside her clutching hole.

"Oh baby, it's getting big again. It wants to fuck pussy." Madhuri whined.

Madhuri's ass began to bounce on her son working his hardening pole back into the creamy vaginal depths.

"It wants to fuck the pussy that gave birth to it." She cried.

Soon she fell into a steady rhythm using her strong hips to fuck every inch of his dong with long ball-bouncing strokes.


Praveen felt like he was lost in a dream. Here he was in the pitch blackness of a greasy sack with his gorgous middle-aged mom on top of him. He could feel her soft slippery curves. He could hear her panting as she fucked his teenaged cock with her sloppy cunt.

"You like that baby? Does that feel good?" She said seductively.

"Oh yeah." Praveen sighed.

Madhuri sat up ginding their genitals. Praveen could feel his engorged helmet dragging back and forth across the mouth of her cervix. He sat up too and buried his face in her wobbling breasts. Madhuri held him tight, rocking her hips as he sucked one of her areola into his mouth and began to nurse.

Her clutching gash clamped down tightly around his meat as Madhuri's body began to convulse.

"OHHH GOD, I'M CUMMING!" She whined.

She used his big blood engorged spoon to stir her insides, her matronly hips jerking up and back violently as she came. Madhuri's tits flopped wildly, beating against Praveen's face.

The big dicked teen found himself being pulled down as Madhuri slipped onto her back and coiled her long slippery legs around him.

"OHHHH FUCK ME HARD!" She hissed.

Praveen thrust forward with one big ball-bumping stroke packing his mom's pussy with cock-meat. He retracted five inches, then drove it home again, then again and again and again falling into a steady rhythm.

"God it's so big." Madhuri cried.

Like a midevil battering ram Praveen's powerful erection plowed through her delicate pink, pounding against the entrance to her womb. He felt her big mommy-tits jostle against him with each might thrust.


Praveen's big hairless scrotum beat against Madhuri's upturned ass, rapping against her butt-hole.

For ten cunt-plummeting minutes the horny teen pounded the pussy of his dreams before Madhuri's body began to convulse.

"OH TOD...OH BABY...OH FUCK...GO HARD!!! FUCK ME HARD!!!" She cried.

Praveen obliged, pistoning his prick in and out of her spasming nest. Hearing his own mom wail made his balls start to tingle.

"OH GOD, MOM!" He groaned as he felt the lava rise.

Madhuri was too wrapped up in her own mind-blowing orgasm to answer. She grunted through clenched teeth like some sort of demonic Goddess. Her genitals shifted, creating an intense friction against her son's burrowing meat.

"OOOHHH GOD!!!" Praveen wailed as his sausage began to spit.

Bucking and lurching, mom and son wrestled through their orgasms. For what seemed like an eternity their bodies jerked and trembled as they used their most private of parts to please one another.

As the dust settled, Praveen rested against his mom and felt her sexy feet drag up the backs of his thighs.

"I love you." She whispered.

"I love you too, mom." Praveen sighed.

That evening after their showers the boys gathered in their bunk room. Many of them were playing their game-boys and others were laughing and goofing around with one another.

Praveen and Mika's bunks were near each other and they lay there chatting.

"Dude, my mom's cunt was so was insane." Mika said.

"Yeah, that hot sack thing was definitely a rush." Praveen answered.

"Just wait, buddy. It gets a lot better. My friend told me the first day is nothing compared to what the rest of the week brings." Mika said.

The door opened and Monique stepped into the room.

"Good evening boys. Don't stay up too late. You'll need to be well rested for tomorrow." She said.

"So there's no more tonight?" One boy asked.

"The evening exercise is only for one of you...the alpha-male. Praveen, will you come with me please." Monique asked.

"You lucky fuck." Mika said, glancing at his friend.

Praveen was ushered to a room down the hallway. When he stepped inside he gasped as he saw a semi-circle of matronly asses waiting for him. The twelve naked moms knelt on a platform with a white silky veil covering their top half so that all the teen could see was their big bubbly asses sticking out.

Monique smiled as she backed out the doorway.

"Take off your cloths and get your fuck on." She said.

As the door closed behind him Praveen stripped out of his shorts, eye-balling the the twelve luscious asses before him. His cock was already rising and he couldn't help but take it in his hand and start to stroke.

Like a kid in a candy store the big-dicked teenager stepped forward into the circle of waiting women. He could see the clamshells of their pussies, most of which were completely bald, peeking out from between their legs. He felt a rush of excitement.

"Where do I even start?" He laughed to himself.

Within seconds his cock was as hard as iron, bobbing eagerly as it pointed straight ahead. He could smell the pungent aroma of feminine sex all around him.

At random he chose his first recipiant and stepping up behind her fed his big tapered cock-head into her creamy socket. Praveen goaned as he sunk all the way to the hilt, his plump bulb slipping right up against her spongy cervical head.

Grasping the soft birthing hips the horny teen began to fuck.

"Holy shit that feels good." He thought as he fed his meaty pipe in and out.

He humped for about a minute staring at next ass over. The pussy on that mom was fat and fleshy and the women wiggled it invitingly, yierning to have it stuffed. As good as he felt Adam couldn't resist. He pulled his cock from one cunt, stepped over and fed it into the next.

He heard the mom sigh as his ten inch boner slipped up her birth canal until it finally kissed bottom. With big ball-bumping strokes Praveen went to work. He could feel the mommy-twat flexing around him, smothering his impressive girth.

Praveen groaned with his back to the wall as he felt the searing heat of soft vaginal walls squeeze up and down the length of his dong.

He watched the meaty ass of his partner push against his abdomen and felt his cock-head turn slightly upward as it kissed the head of her cervix.

Praveen glanced over at the other 18 year old boys. There was a row of twelve of them, all with their backs to the wall, all pinned between the side of the room and the twelve matronly figures leaned over in front of them. The room was all white and filled only with naked flesh.

The instructor paced back and forth in front of them, her massive tits quivering with each step. The click of her high-heeled sandals echoed through the room as she tapped her leg with her whip-stick.

"Slowly, Mums...long slow strokes." She said, in a sexy British accent.

Praveen heard a few of the other boys moan as their cocks were smothered in wet warmth.

The spongy cervical lips felt like a wet tongue licking the underside of Praveen's bulb as it slipped back and forth across it.

"That's it...grind it...grind it!" The instructor commanded.

He watched her meaty ass ripple each time it struck his abdomen and as good as he felt soon he was drawn to another eager cunt.

As he moved from one woman to the next he liked to rub his bulb against the lips of her split before stretching their buttery vaginas with the thick of his pole.

Ass after big beautiful ass beat against him as he moved around the circle. Each cunt was unique and added a different sensation as they clutched his burrowing stalk.

Several times he would hear a voice on the other side of the curtain squeal as he made them cum with his big dick.

Praveen grunted and groaned as he fucked hard, his big hairless scrotum flouncing wildly.

Finally, after nearly an hour, with his pecker pistoning in and out of the warm velvety softness of a smothering vagina, Praveen's cock began to spit big milky squirts. Mid-orgasm he pulled his cock from the gash sending a long rope across the room and quickly buried it in the depths of another, filling her box with his remaining cream.

After being escorted back, Praveen slept like a baby that night.


  1. U deserve a Nobel..I've read many..but this is sensational