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Mom's Love for Son

Mom’s Love for Son

Sunil, the twenty year old came home from college, and he seemed a little glum to his 39 year old mother. His mother asked him if he was OK and he gave a non-committal grunt, so she asked if something had happened at college today.
Sunil answered, "One of my old school mates at college with me; and I'm not saying which one, told me today that his mother was a far better mum then you were to me and any of the other guys' mums. And two of my other mates, said they knew what he meant and sort of grinned, winked and nodded at him. Then the three of them said they had a special relationship with their mums. I told them I had a great relationship with you, but they laughed and said it couldn't be as good as theirs."
Sunil's mother Neeta looked at her son and tried to make sense of what he had just said. She felt for him, because she could see that his discussion with his mates had upset him.
"What do you think they meant?" she asked him.
"No idea," he responded as he looked off into the distance as if still feeling the hurt.
"You know, these are guys like me with no dads at home, just them and their mums. They said that their mums didn't need to have boyfriends or a husband at home, because their boys were all they needed," he said looking at her, looking for a response from her.
Neeta's brow furrowed as she thought about what he had just said, believing she understood what these young men were saying, but not really wanting to believe it. 'Where their mothers having that kind of a special relationship with their sons', she asked herself? To think this over Neeta wandered from the kitchen where they had been talking into the lounge room, and sat in her chair.
For the rest of the evening, Sunil seemed distant and it bothered Neeta greatly, he was not only her son but her greatest support and best friend. So, Neeta decided to talk to him about it as he was getting ready to go to bed. She walked into his room and asked if they could discuss the issue. Sunil seemed to brighten and said he would really like to discuss it, so Neeta sat down at the end of his bed.
"What do you think?" asked Neeta.
"How do you mean?" Sunil asked in reply.
"Well, do you think these guys do have special relationships with their mums?"
"It certainly seems they do, and they're really close to their mums. You should see how their mums treat them, like they're really close to their sons you know. You can see that both mother and son are really, really close," Sunil answered enthusiastically.
Neeta heard all he said and was worried that Sunil did not see their relationship as close as his friends and their mothers. "So do you think we're not that close, like your mates and their mums?" Neeta asked, wondering if this was what was bothering Sunil.
"It doesn't look like it. I mean you can see that they really are close; they really like each other you know? Like they want to be with each other -- all the time, and the mums get this strange look on their faces when they talk to or look at their sons, like... I don't know... sort of adoring, you know. Like their son is their whole world," Sunil answered with an air of jealousy.
"So do you want to be like these guys? To have... you know, a really, really close relationship with me?" Neeta asked not knowing what else to say after Sunil's answer, because she felt hurt by his feeling of jealousy towards these friends of his.
Neeta loved her son, and he was her world.
"We have always been together , but sometimes it doesn't seem like it," Sunil answered and as he did he edged closer to his mother from his position at the head of his bed.
They looked into each others eyes and Neeta reached out and hugged her son, to try to convey to him how much she loved him, and Sunil responded in kind.
After a few seconds they broke and Neeta kissed her son on the forehead. Sunil brought his hands up to hold her face and smiled at her. Neeta's heart leapt to see the change over her son by some physical contact from her, and his mature response in holding her face. Sunil moved his face closer to his mother's and kissed her on the lips; a quick kiss to test the waters. Neeta felt something deep inside, a thrill and a response at the same time and she liked it.
She could see now how these other mothers could respond to their sons, so she kissed Sunil back.
As Neeta kissed her son back in response they both held it longer then usual, and the next thing Neeta knew she felt Sunil's tongue probing her mouth and she responded. It felt good. Their embrace became stronger and they held the kiss for many long seconds. When they broke, Sunil was smiling broadly and said in a husky voice,
"I love you mum."
That's all Neeta needed to confirm that what had just taken place was good for her son and she smiling too. She made a decision.
Neeta stood up and turned to leave Sunil's room and as she did she said,
"I bought a new pair of jeans today, I'll put them on and you tell me what you think."
"OK," replied Sunil as his head swam with what had just happened.
He sat on his bed for what seemed only a few short minuets reliving that kiss, when his mother called to him. Sunil quickly stood and strode into his mother's room, to see her standing in front of her dressing table mirror wearing the short buttoned-up top she had been wearing and her new jeans, which showed a great deal of her tummy.
"What do you think?" she asked her son in the mirror as he entered the room. Sunil walked further into the room while looking at his mother in the mirror and thinking yet again how beautiful, sexy and desirable she looked, so he told her.
"Man you look so beautiful and sexy."
His mother smiled and blushed to think that her son saw her in such a way, and it gave her another thrill through her body.
Sunil walked up behind his mother to look at her in the mirror over her shoulder, and his body pressed up against her back. Neeta looked critically at herself in the mirror and asked Sunil,
"Do you think I look fat in these?" as she rubbed her hand back and forth across her tummy.
"No," said her son and he reached around his mother with his right hand and ran it across her tummy, gently and lovingly. Neeta's body responded to his touch and she liked it more then she though she would.
"That's nice," she said in a whispered voice.
"You're not fat," her son replied also in a whisper.
"Do you think they fit ok?" his mother seemed to purr.
"You know how to find out if jeans fit properly, don't you?" Sunil breathed softly into his mother's ear.
"No" she whispered.
"You can tell, if you can slip you hand down the front of them," and with that Neeta's son slid his right hand down the front of her jeans until he reached her panties.
"Ooooo, they fit very nicely," he whispered into her ear and her knees went weak.
"And the further you can slip your hand down the better they fit," Sunil continued to whisper, and he slid his hand slowly further down into his mother's jeans.
However, this time he slid his hand over the top of her panties. Neeta felt beautiful and excited, not wanting her son to stop; something she never thought she would have felt. Her son's hand felt warm and she thrust her hips forward ever so slightly. Sunil could feel his mother's body give a little shudder and her hips move forward and he could feel her short pubic hair beneath her panties.
"Can I see what's inside there?" he whispered into his mother's ear.
"Yes," she replied in quivering whisper.
Sunil withdrew his hand and his mother turned around to snuggle into him, as she reached down to the top of her new jeans, with her eyes closed and her head tilted down. Neeta found the big brass button at the top of her fly. She undid the button, took hold of the tab of the fly and quite deliberately pulled it down. Neeta then lifted her head, opened her eyes and looked at her son, she could see the excitement in his eyes and she felt the same excitement. Sunil expected his mother to pull down her jeans and expose her panties to him, but she wanted her son to pull her jeans down. Sunil realized immediately what his mother wanted; for him expose her panties.
Sunil knelt down and lowered his eyes to his mother's jeans and especially the undone fly that gave a glimpse of her panties; white cotton. He took hold of each side of the top of her jeans and began to slowly and gently pull them down. As they slowly came down, Neeta's panties in their entirety were being exposed to her son; they were plain white cotton panties, with a lace trim at the top and around the legs.
Neeta watch fascinated as her son slowly pulled her jeans down, knowing that she was allowing him to see her panties and the contours they covered. She loved how she felt at this moment; no one had her made her feel this wonderful for so many years -- and it was her son, which thrilled her even more. Neeta had gone out with men when hubby was out of station, but they were always rough and too eager for her liking, and therefore nothing had ever come of the relationships.
Her hands were resting on her son's shoulders, both to steady herself and for the need to have physical contact with him.
Sunil revealed more of his mother's panties. At first he could only see the contours of her pubic mound and pubic hair, but the thrill was tremendous.
He deliberately slowed the speed at which he had pulled his mother's jeans down, to heighten his thrill. It also heightened her thrill. As he continued to pull on her jeans, Sunil could see the contours of the top of her pussy through her panties. Both felt their excitement rise even further at this point, and Sunil paused in the pulling of his mother's jeans to look longing at what he saw before him. Neeta was watching her son's progress with fascination and delight. She was not surprised that he now paused and a sense of pride ran though he as she realized her son wanted to look at her sex, at her pussy.
Her panties were a little tight on her, so Neeta knew her son was be able to see her pussy through them quite plainly. For a fleeting second she wanted him to pull her panties down and look at her naked pussy, and an incredible thrill ran though her body at the thought. Sunil noticed this reaction by his mother to him looking at her panties, and that he could see her pussy through them.
"Do you want to go to sleep now," Sunil asked his mother, which came out of the blue for her.
As if picking up on her reaction to his question he added,
"We can pick this up tomorrow when we have more time if you like."
Sunil looked up at his mother whose face was flushed with excitement. To Neeta this somehow felt like an excellent idea for now, as both were quite tired.
"Yes," Neeta responded.
"Let's finish this here and start again tomorrow." She smiled down at her son who stood up as she pulled her jeans back up.
Sunil held his mother's face in his hands again and kissed her and this time their tongues eagerly sought the other and they kissed passionately. When they broke off Sunil turned and went to his room. Both went to bed knowing tomorrow was Saturday and they had the day to themselves; and both dreamed that night of the turn of events in their mother and son relationship that Neeta would never had thought possible a day earlier.
Sunil was first up the next morning, dressing quickly and went into the kitchen to make himself breakfast. Before sleeping he had struck on an idea for his mother that excited him. Ten minuets after Sunil had entered the kitchen his mother walked in. They had both slept very late, it was almost 11.00am.
"How did you sleep, darling," she asked him.
Sunil had watched her the whole time as she walked into the kitchen and answered,
"Great, how about you?"
Neeta smiled at him and said,
"Great too."
Sunil decided now was a good time to try his new idea.
"You know what many girls do nowadays?" he asked his mother.
Neeta sensed that there was something more to his question then just mere conversation.
"No, what?" she asked with the slightest of excitement to her voice.
Sunil leaned forward across the kitchen table as if to tell her a secret. Neeta, who was leaning against the bench in front of the table, also leaned forward wanting to hear this secret.
"They shave themselves," Sunil told his mother with a raised eyebrow for emphasis.
Neeta immediately picked up on what her son meant and was take aback slightly by her body's reaction, as it quivered at the thought.
"Really," Neeta responded in what she hoped was not too much of a surprised tone.
"Yeah, and I hear their boyfriends love it," was her son's reply, who was trying to image his mother in such a state.
"Interesting," was Neeta's reply.
Neeta busied herself with her breakfast, and mother and son chatted comfortably about anything and everything. Both felt that their relationship had shifted, as they talked more like equals rather then mother and son. As they spoke and thought about this shift, they both liked how it felt. Even when mother and son had finished their breakfast they remained seated and chatted for more than an hour.
"Well, I had better go and have my shower," Neeta announced.
"You go and watch TV, I won't be too long."
With that Neeta turned and headed for the bathroom. Sunil finished his second coffee, put his dishes in the sink and walked into the lounge room. He looked at the assortment of chairs and sofas and instead of sitting in his favourite chair, sat at one end of the bigger of the two sofas; the whole time his head a whirl of images of his mother's shaved pussy, which never quite come into focus in his mind. He turned on the TV and watched something without seeing it.
Sunil had no idea how long he had been sitting there, but it seemed a short time when his mother entered the lounge room; she was wearing her new jeans again and the same top.
"Do you think these new jeans are too tight on me?" Neeta asked with a cheeky look her son had never seen before, but it excited him.
"Well, we'll have to look in the mirror," Sunil replied with an effort to be matter-of-fact, but knowing in his mind that his mother had enjoyed what he had done last night so much that she wanted it again.
Sunil stood up from the sofa and followed his mother as she walked into her bedroom. Neeta stood in front of the mirror as if sizing up the fit of her new jeans, and Sunil took up his position behind her again. Rubbing her hand across her bare tummy Neeta asked the same question as last night,
"Do you think these are too tight," in a dreamy voice.
Again Sunil reached around his mother with his right hand and rubbed her tummy. Neeta felt a familiar thrill.
"There's one way to tell if they're too tight," Sunil proposed.
"Oh, what's that," his mother asked him in the mirror as they held each others eyes.
"You just slip your hand down the front of your jeans," Sunil replied, but did nothing, hoping his mother would pick up his intension and direct his movements. Years of being together had given Neeta insight into her son and she read him like a book.
"Would you check for me darling," Neeta asked her son in a little girl's voice that excited him.
"Just slide your hand down mummy's jeans for her will you, but don't stop until you've checked properly, OK," she purred and leaned further into her son.
"I would love to do that for you," replied Sunil and he slide his hand slowly down into his mother's jeans, from her slightly rounded tummy.
Sunil would savor his mother's body this time, and he liked the way his mother's tummy was slightly rounded. As he slid his hand further down into the front of his mother's jeans he felt her panties, but they were different to last night.
"That's it sweetie, can you feel mummy's panties?" Neeta encouraged her son and he nodded to her in the mirror.
She was enjoying this all over again, and the speed of her breathing was quickening. As he caressed the top of his mother's panties, his fingers told him they were of a satin material and very thin.
"Is this ok mummy?" Sunil asked his mother breathlessly.
"Oh yes," she purred.
"Can I see what's inside your jeans," Sunil asked, and his mother lovingly replied,
"Yes baby, mummy wants you to pull down her jeans and look at her sweetie."
Again Sunil knelt, took hold of each side of his mother's jeans after his mother had turned, undid the big brass button and pulled the fly down. He slowly pulled on her jeans.
"Oh, you're a naughty boy, aren't you," his mother asked huskily.
"Am I?" Sunil asked in reply.
"You are, wanting to look at your mummy's panties. But mummy wants to show her young man her panties."
Sunil tore his eyes away from his mother's face, which was now in rapture for him, to look at her jeans as he pulled them down. Sunil saw the first glimpse of his mother's panties, satin white and thin. After looking at the top of them for a few seconds he pulled her jeans down further, revealing more of the soft, thin material and this time the contours of her pubic mound were dramatically more obvious -- because she no longer had any pubic hair. Seeing this Sunil imagined how much more of his mother's pussy he would see through these panties.
Neeta continued to watch the slow progress of her son pulling down her jeans and the exposure of her panties, fascinated at how controlled he was. Sunil pulled his mother's jeans the last little bit to reveal her panties fully, and gave an audible intake of breath which pleased his mother no end. Neeta could feel a tingling between her legs.
Sunil's audible intake of air was due to what he could now see. His mother's panties were tight and thin, allowing him to see all the contours of her pussy because this mother had shaved her pussy -- as he had hoped. What he saw before him was his mother's pussy bulging through thin, white satin panties, and he felt his dick bursting for release. Sunil could not help himself and raised his hand to his mother's bulging pussy in her thin panties.
Neeta was extremely excited herself now and felt so proud of herself, as her son was staring at her pussy in her thin panties, realizing she had chosen well in her choice of underwear. Neeta watched fascinated as her son's hand moved to her panties; and her hands were once again on his shoulders, because she wanted physical contact with him. Sunil's hand reached out and gently touched his mother's pubic mound first, and then he rubbed his finger up and down her pouting pussy lips in their thin panties.
Neeta's reaction was immediate, as she moaned and her hips bucked a little. Sunil seemed to be drawing a line up and down between her pussy lips, ending always at her clit. Neeta loved the way her son was touching her pussy through her panties, it was the way she had always wanted to be touched, but never was. Her heavy breathing and moans told her son just how turned on she was becoming, and Sunil felt his dick was now rock hard.
A thought occurred to Neeta of what people would think if they knew she was standing with her jeans around her knees, her panties exposed for her son to see, and he kneeling in front of her caressing her pussy. 'What mother would be doing this?' she wondered. 'I don't care,' she thought.
Sunil's thoughts were something similar, as he continued to rub his finger up and down his mother's pussy through her thin satin panties, something he had only dreamed of in the past. He could feel his mother becoming very wet with excitement. Now, he thought was the time to pull down his mother's panties, and get a great look at her pussy. So he stopped rubbing her pussy, and took hold of the side of her satin panties and slowly pulled them down.
"Oh yes baby, pull my panties down and look at my pussy, mummy's pussy is for her good man," Neeta purred breathlessly.
He first exposed his mother's shaven pubic mound; he really liked the bulging curve of it. He loved the look of his mother clean shaven. Neeta didn't make a sound or a movement to stop her son from exposing her; she wanted him to look at her new pussy. She was holding her breath as she watched her son pull her panties down.
Sunil pulled the thin satin panties down a little bit more, wanting to draw out the excitement of the moment for both of them. He saw the top of his mother's pussy as he exposed the beginning of her slit, where her clit was protruding slightly through its hood. Again he lingered as he drank in the beauty of his mother. Neeta loved the pace at which her son was revealing her and stood transfixed. One of her hands was now running through his hair.
Sunil pulled his mother's panties down a little more to, finally expose her pussy in full; she had full lips that looked as though they were swollen, Sunil loved the way his mother's pussy looked.
"Beautiful," he said in a quiet voice.
Again he reached his hand out, this time to run his finger a few times from his mother's pubic mound to the beginning of her pussy, and then to run it between her lips and back up to her clit as it poked out slightly from between the beginning of her pussy lips.
Neeta's knees were buckling, as her moans turned to groans, she closed her eyes and tilted her head back.
"Would you like to lie on the bed," Sunil asked his mother as he felt a shiver go through her body and buckle at the knees.
"I would, thanks. I am a bit tied and should have a bit of a nap," his mother replied with a longing look on her face.
Sunil helped his mother to her bed. He had an idea what his mother wanted and was only too happy to oblige.
He laid his mother back toward her bed so her legs dangled over the edge. Her jeans and panties were still between her knees and pussy, so Sunil slowly took his mother's jeans off and then her panties. Neeta's eyes were still closed and her breathing was returning to normal, but her smiled told her story of joy, arousal and expectation. Sunil looked back up to his mother's face as he knelt at the end of the bed, she could have been asleep.
"I'll let you sleep mum, OK," Sunil said.
"Mmm," was Neeta's only response as if she were sleeping?
Sunil continued to look at his mother, and it was then he noticed she was not wearing a bra, as he could see her hard nipples pushing against her top. He had an idea. He reached up to the top button of his mother's top and began undoing all the buttons. When he was finished, he opened her top to reveal his mother's tits. They were beautiful. After just looking for a few seconds, Sunil reached out and gently caressed his mother's tits.
Neeta was very pleased. This was what she wanted; slow and gentle. She felt very comfortable lying on her bed with her pussy exposed to her son, as he fondled her tits.
Sunil took his mother's left hand, which was nearest him and placed it on her left tit. Neeta knew exactly what her son wanted, and she lifted her right hand to her right tit as if asleep, and started to caress her own tits -- and it felt fantastic as she knew her son was watching; her Sunil really knew how to treat his mother.
He now turned his attention to his mother's pussy, and he positioned himself between her legs at the end of the bed. Neeta spread her legs for her son. Sunil held both her knees apart, and began to lick his mother's plump pussy, starting with her outer lips first and then her inner lips with slow and gentle movements of his tongue. Her body reacted as he hoped, and she moaned deeply as her hips moved slightly from side to side.
Neeta was in heaven, between playing with her own tits and her son licking her pussy, she felt fantastic. Sunil found his mother's pussy lips to be soft and smooth after being shaved, and they wobbled slightly each time he licked them due to their fullness. She tasted delicious to him, and he loved the highly sexual sensation of licking his own mother's pussy.
Sunil began to probe between her pussy lips with his tongue and then up where he found her clit, licking a little harder. He had licked his mother's clit for a few minuets when her body when rigid, and then limp, as her first mild orgasm took her. Her orgasm had been heightened knowing it was her own son licking her pussy and clit.
Sunil now slid the index finger of his right hand into his mother's pussy and curved it slightly; Neeta reacted immediately, as her hands flew from her tits to her son's hair and she grasped handfuls very firmly. He increased the pressure of his finger rotating in his mother's pussy, right on her G spot. Neeta was now writhing on her bed and groaning loudly. He rotated his single finger in his mother's pussy a few times and then slid a second curved finger into her love tunnel.
Neeta went right off after only a few rotations of two fingers her son's in her, by thrashing her body around and she grabbed at successive handfuls of her son's hair and her hips bucked wildly. Within a few minuets she climaxed a second time, flooding Sunil's hand with her cum, again thinking this was her son's fingers fucking her and she loved it.
Sunil left her on the bed after she finally came down from her orgasm and went to the bathroom. He ran a face washer under the warm water tap, came back to his mother's bedroom and washed her pussy. He then pulled her higher up the bed so her legs were fully on the bed. Neeta was fast asleep now, totally spent and totally satisfied.
He pulled the sheet over her, and left her to sleep; he returned to his room and did his uni work until it was finished two hours later -- but he needed relief badly, but would wait for his mother -- his discipline was that great. As he sat back to enjoy the completion of his uni work his mother entered his room, immediately he sensed something was wrong. Neeta had a pensive expression and was gently wringing her hands.
"I'll be going out tonight," she told him nervously and Sunil's mind raced as to what this meant.
He decided it meant that what had happened was a once off, that she had put it out of her mind -- it hadn't happened, and their lives were to return to normal. Sunil was stunned and it felt like a knife had been thrust into his gut, but resolved to make the best of it.
"Ok," he said brightly and hoped it didn't seem forced, "so where are you going and with whom?"
His mother seemed pleased at his question,
"Just to dinner with Taran," she answered.
Sunil hated Taran and had told her as much a number of times, and unfortunately his face mirrored his thoughts,
"Oh come on Sunil, Taran is ok, don't be so judgmental." Taran Mom’s new net friend.
With that Neeta turned and left his room. Sunil could hear her for the next two hours making herself ready for the evening, and he felt betrayed and discarded by his mother as if he was of no consequence to her.
Before Taran arrived Sunil left the house to walk off his anger. He still felt betrayed, used and rejected even though two hours had passed and his blood boiled.
On Sunday morning when Neeta woke from a broken night's sleep Sunil was nowhere to be found; he wasn't anywhere in the house and his bed hadn't been slept in. Neeta spent the day alone in the house, and it was terrible for her as she missed Sunil enormously. He was actually in their roof. He had set himself up there years ago as a refuge for when his mother was angry with him.
Sunil wanted his mother to have time to herself so she could feel what life was like without him.
Neeta felt badly for the way she had treated her son, especially after Saturday night. Taran was such a contrast to Sunil, with his crude talk all night at dinner about his many and sordid conquests of women. Neeta could see that he had no real respect for women, all he cared about were his own needs and she suspected that most of his stories the Saturday night were exactly that -- stories, works of fiction.
Then the drive home was a nightmare as Taran did everything he could to take advantage of her, especially when he suggested they go to a motel. His hands were all over her, even as he drove.
She had made the decision to apologize to her son Sunday morning, but when she found he was gone, she felt worse. When he didn't come home all Sunday, she had worked herself up into a real state, blaming herself for running him off. Then when she realized he had come home, gotten himself breakfast and off to college without seeing her or talking to her, Neeta felt like the worst mother ever born.
She ate her breakfast alone in tears, and her sense of loneliness grew and as she thought about.
Tears welled in her eyes as she thought about the way she had treated him when he had had no thought for himself, and had fulfilled her as she had never been before, but so desperately wanted. Sunil was right, Taran is a pig! Neeta resolved to put things right with her son as soon as he came home from college, she would show him just how much he meant to her and spent the day planning for his arrival from college.
Sunil found when he had woken that Monday morning his angered had not abated from the previous night, so he left for college early and hoped it would die during the day.
College seemed to drag for Sunil that day; he wanted so desperately to see his mother, especially after he hadn't wait for her to wake this morning.
Neeta was waiting impatiently in the kitchen for her son to come home and when he didn't walk through the back door at 4.00pm she began to worry. All sorts of thoughts went through her head, but the most dominant was 'what if I upset him so much he doesn't think I love him any more and he's gone for good.' Her anxiety grew as the minuets ticked by.
4.15pm came and went; it wasn't like Sunil to be this late, and she thought 'I hope he hasn't gone looking for Taran'.
4.30pm came and now Neeta's tears began to gather and she thought to herself, 'if only my man would walk through the door, I would be his all afternoon and night, I would show him just how much I want him; really want him.'
The door suddenly opened and Sunil walked through it. Neeta flew out her chair and at her son, and flung her arms around him in tears. 'Nice' thought Sunil, I could use this.
"I'm so sorry for the way I treated you on the weekend honey, I had a terrible time; that man is a pig just as you said."
Sunil remained silent and unmoved, which served to fuel his mother's despair.
"Please Sunil what more can I say," Neeta looked up imploringly at her son to forgive her, but he retained his stoic persona.
Neeta was at a loss to know how to earn her son's forgiveness. Then Sunil spoke with an edge to his voice,
"Didn't have a good time with 'The Pig' then? Not as good as the previous night or morning then? "
"No it wasn't," Neeta thought she saw forgiveness on her horizon and continued to look imploringly at her son.
"What, he was a bit rough with you was he?" Sunil accused.
"Rough?" Neeta wasn't sure what he meant.
"Yeah, rough. he fucks all his first time dates, at least that's what he tells anyone who will listen... and rumor has it he's rough. So was he rough with you when he fucked you?" Sunil's eyes were accusing.
"He didn't do that to me, Sunil," Neeta protested to her son.
"No, why not, isn't that why you went out with 'The Pig'?" accusing once again.
"No, it wasn't," her protests continued.
"Then you went out with 'The Pig' because of his gentle caresses and how he spends all his time to ensure you have a very satisfying and gratifying time?" he asked in the same tone.
He wanted to remind her of just how much Sunil had cared for her sexually on Friday night, but especially on Saturday morning.
"No, I didn't," Neeta pleaded, and could not help but connect his words to how he had treated her during the early part of the weekend, and something moved deep inside her.
"Then why did you go out with 'The Pig'?" same tone and look.
Neeta let go of her son and stepped back to take a long, hard look at him.
"Because you're my son," she told him as she had second thoughts about her earlier desire for Sunil.
That's just what he wanted to hear.
"So what, do you think I don't care you're my mother. I care because you are my mother. Are you ashamed of me or embarrassed by me?"
He was right on the money. Sunil's words cut deeply on two levels, firstly she now knew that he was hers and, secondly he called into question her love for him. Neeta flew back into him, arms around him again.
"I've never been ashamed of you or embarrassed by you; I love you so much."
She looked into her son's face, which was impossible to read.
"This is a strange way to show your love for me, to discard and reject me for 'The Pig'. Didn't I look after you....? Didn't I look after you rather then myself?"
"But you're my son?" she said again.
"Don't you want me, don't you care for me?" more daggers to her heart.
"Of course I care for you."
"Do you want me?" the challenge was there, how would she answer?
Neeta stared at him for long seconds remembering how much love he had shown her, how good he had made her feel.
"But you're my son," she said again forcefully.
"Then I will leave tonight and not come back," Sunil told her without emotion and with an air of finality, and tried to disengage his mother's arms.
Her reaction was instantaneously as she tried to imagine life without him, and it was too terrible to bear; she locked her arms tighter.
"No Sunil, don't go, please stay, why do you have to leave?" she eyes were wide with horror.
"Because on Friday night and Saturday I put it all on the line for you, I showed you my deepest self, I told you that I don't care about social convention and what people may say. I told you I loved you, wanted you and would always care for you. And what have you said, 'you're my son'. So that's how you feel, that convention and what the neighbours may think obviously mean more then your happiness and mine."
Sunil left her with this for a few seconds, then disengaged himself and walked to his room. As he did, Neeta felt her life begin to shatter, and then it hit her; she loved her son and she wanted him as her man, her lover and her son, but without him she had no life.
As Neeta came to her realization, Sunil had walked less then three steps when his stomach turned to ice, his felt as if his heart had broken and his life seemed pointless. He spun around walked back to his mother, who looked confused and he took her in his arms, buried his face in her neck and she responded.
"Oh mum, mum, I can't leave you, I love you and want you too much," Sunil confessed.
His mother's heart soared and her whole body responded to him, and she thrust herself into him. Now her only thought, need and desire was to be with Sunil as they were on Saturday.
"I want you and I don't care if you are my son." They held each other for a number of long and satisfying minuets and then they broke, both were just so happy and they knew that this was what both wanted.
"Can I ask one thing before we start were we're going?" Neeta asked with a smile as she looked adoringly at her son, and he looked at her with raw desire.
"What can I do for you?" he asked of his mother.
"Can you seduce me every time like you did Friday and Saturday, it was so nice I loved it?" she asked me.
"You bet, just let me know if you have a preference for a scenario," he told her.
"I have today," she told him with a knowing grin.
"Good and I will do my best to deliver to your expectations. What is it?"
"Come to rob me, but you're a non-violent robber, you do what you do by talking your way around and through problems," Neeta instructed her son.
"And what will you be wearing," her son asked, "so can I plan a strategy?"
Neeta thought for a moment and then it came to her.
"My summer dressing gown, a special nighty that I have in mind .... Oh, and something special to boot," she said and as she did her face lit up at the very scene created in her head.
"You've got it," Sunil said with the same enthusiasm his mother was feeling.
"Be in your bedroom looking in your wardrobe," he told her and his mother nodded.
Ten minuets later Sunil heard her signal to him, and he crept to her bedroom door. Neeta was waiting nervously and excitedly at the same time, looking in her wardrobe. Suddenly an arm was across her chest and a hand gently on her mouth, she hadn't heard a thing.
"Don't make a sound and I won't have to hurt you, ok?" a confident male voice whispered into her ear, she nodded her agreement and his hand across her mouth dropped.
The intruder behind her turned them around so that she was facing her bed, but he was still behind her. The bed appeared to have someone in it -- 'nice touch,' Neeta thought and wondered how Sunil had managed it without her knowledge. Her excitement grew as she wondered where Sunil was going with this now. Neeta had set the scene, but Sunil was the director.
"Is that your partner in the bed?" his hot breath whispered quite seductively.
"Yes," Neeta thought that was the most appropriate answer.
"You don't want him to see another man holding you like this do you?"
"No," his mother answered.
'Perfect,' Sunil thought as he could hear his words excite her.
"Has he ever allowed another man to hold you like this?"
"Do you feel vulnerable and exposed?"
The intruder walked her into the en suite, he turned the light on over the mirror and Neeta saw herself looking into it, and saw just how revealing her dressing gown and nighty was like this. However, she couldn't see the intruder, just a dark shape behind her and his black clad arm across her chest.
"Now stand still, don't move," the intruder warned and he let her go and moved away.
Neeta stood frozen on the spot, staring at herself in the mirror and she thought she couldn't feel any more turned on. Suddenly, the intruder was behind her again.
"I've put your partner in a position so he can watch us now... he can see you with me," he told her and a thrill ran through her body.
"Can you see yourself in the mirror?"
"He can see me looking at you like this."
Neeta looked up and down her body and saw that the intruder could see everything, and knew her partner would be very jealous.
"Would he want to see me caress your body?"
The question brought a sudden intake of air from Neeta.
"No," she said her voice a little higher.
"Do you want him to see me caress your body, to touch you as only he has touched you?"
"No, please don't," she said weakly.
"Would he want me to touch your breasts?" and before Neeta could answer the intruder's hands came up to her chest and he gently kneaded her breasts.
She gasped and partially closed her eyes, as she moaned her arousal.
"He can see me touching your breasts, he can see how much you're enjoying it, and he can see you want me to touch you because you're not stopping me," the intruder told her and Neeta felt powerless to stop him.
Her arms seemed lifeless. The thought of her partner watching another man touching her breasts gave her great pleasure. Another man touching her in front of her partner was so thrilling.
"Now," he said, "what valuables do you keep hidden?" he asked.
"I have no real valuables," Neeta replied breathlessly as her son the intruder gently kneaded her breasts..
"Oh I think you have. How undo your gown tie, slowly, no tricks," he whispered his order to her and removed his hand.
Her hands reached to her tie slowly, and when they reached it she began to untie it. Neeta watched herself do this in the mirror and she was so turned on by her own reflection, while all she could see of her intruder was a shadowy figure behind her. With her tie undone she expected it to fall to the flood, but it didn't, because he caught it. Her gown opened slightly to expose a glimpse of her short nighty, with a deal of cleavage showing.
"Now I see where you have been hiding your valuables," he breathed softly to her.
"Open your gown a little and show yourself to me," he ordered, and her hands each took hold of a lapel and opened her gown a little to expose her beautiful bare chest and ample cleavage.
"Don't you look beautiful?" he asked her and she nodded, because she did feel beautiful.
The intruder's hand came up high on her chest and he asked,
"Your partner who loves you wouldn't like to see another man holding you or touching you," he told her and his hand moved gently down her chest to her nighty and slid over the silky material that covered her breasts.
Sunil had decided to take a long time with this, as he once again gently caressed his mother's breasts beneath her nighty. Neeta felt beautiful and her pussy responded to her intruder's touch as he caressed her breasts. She knew her pussy was very wet, and her nipples hardened to his touch.
Then the intruder whispered,
"He can see us. He can see everything I'm doing. He can see me caress your breasts, but he can't say 'no', he doesn't want me to stop. Can you feel his eyes on you as I touch your gorgeous body," and Neeta nodded in sheer delight, she began to pant again and moan softly.
The intruder slipped his hand into her nighty and cupped her breast so he could gently pinch and squeeze her nipple and he whispered,
"He can see my hand in your nighty, on your breast, playing with your nipple. He's fascinated, he wants me to do more, do you want me to do more?" he asked and she nodded because she wanted more and his scenario of her partner was thrilling, but her knees were threatening to give out from under her.
The intruder removed his hand from inside her nighty and brought his other hand to her breasts, and with both hands he gently ran the flat of his palms across Neeta's nipples. She felt fantastic and her nipples hardened, her moans turned to groans and her body began to sway from side to side rhythmically.
"He's watching me play with your nipples," he whispered to her and she watched him touching her in the mirror.
Neeta was in heaven. The intruder continued on her nipples for some time, and she swam in the exciting waters of his touch.
"He can see me touching your breasts," he whispered and her excitement grew once again, but she had no idea why.
The intruder moved his palms from her breasts, down to her tummy where he lingered a little and then down to her pubic mound and to her woman's V which he caressed, using the fingers of both hands to gently trace her V, up and down and Neeta loved it as her groans attested to. He could see and feel she had panties on and he couldn't wait to see them.
"I think I've found your greatest jewel, haven't I?" he whispered and Neeta nodded as she watched the intruder's hands in the mirror and found that she loved to watch, it increased her excitement.
"He doesn't want me to touch you here, but you do don't you?" he whispered and again she nodded.
His hands were tracing her V lower and lower, and now the middle finger of each hand was tracing each side of her pussy through her very thin nighty and panties. Neeta didn't think sex with her son could have been better then Saturday morning, but this was.
The intruder's fingers moved to tracing the pussy lips themselves, and then he took his hands away and whispered to her,
"Lift your nighty up a little."
Neeta was now leaning heavily into her intruder's chest, and she obeyed without hesitation and watched herself begin to raise her short night just a little.
"That's it," he whispered encouragement to her.
"A little more," and Neeta raised her nighty so that it exposed the very tip of her panties at the end of her V.
"Do you have beautiful panties on?" he whispered and she nodded.
"Were they for him?" and she nodded again while looking at the tip of her panties in the mirror, desperately hoping her intruder would like them and her in them.
"Well I want you to show them to me, do you want to show me your lovely panties?" and she nodded enthusiastically.
"I want to see you in them, so lift your nighty so I can see you," her whispered his order to her, and Neeta found herself raising her nighty and revealing more and more of her see through, skin coloured panties to her intruder. Now he raised her gown tie and whispered,
"I have a blind fold here so you can't see my face, and I'm going to blindfold you now, but I'm not going to hurt ok?" and she nodded, knowing this meant something special was coming.
He blindfolded her and then turned her to face him, she was still holding her nighty up and he caressed her pussy gently and softly through her sheer panties. He made her feel fantastic, and she loved how he touched her. He could feel she was very wet so he slowly pulled her panties down and she stepped out of them. Her intruder then lifted her up to sit on the vanity bench, sitting her on the edge, where she waited as he undid his jeans and pulled out his dick.
Sunil was fit to burst in his need to fuck his mother's gorgeous pussy, and all her body language told him she was dying for her son to fuck her. He once again marveled at Neeta's beautiful puffy pussy, with her lips even fuller with her extreme arousal. Instinctively and driven by her overpowering desire for him, Neeta spread her legs wide without having been told. She felt her intruder's dick for the first time as he rubbed the head of it up and down her pussy lips, and they opened to him. She wanted him so badly, she was almost in tears.
It was now Neeta knew what she wanted; it was so clear to her now. She wanted her son, her Sunil to be her man and lover. Neeta very nearly screamed her need and desire for her son, but not wanting to disrupt the scenario she managed to control herself. Her intruder slowly pushed the head of his dick into her and Neeta let out a long sigh. He continued to push inside her and Neeta felt him filling her inside, and it felt so good. She was now panting heavily and saying,
"Oh yeah, oh yeah."
He finally pushed himself all the way into her, and she felt totally filled. Her intruder began a slow pumping action with his dick going in and out and Neeta felt herself coming to a climax quickly and he whispered again,
"He can see me fucking you," and it sent a thrill through her bringing her ever closer to her climax and within seconds he was panting.
This was her son, and she was overwhelmed by the power of her love and desire for him.
"Oh yeah, oh yeah. Fuck me Sunil, fuck me baby. Oh Sunil I'm so sorry, fuck me, fuck me," Neeta found herself saying, beginning quietly, and increasing her verbal encouragements to her son in both speed and volume.
He brought her to her climax as she flooded his dick with her cum, and she sustained it for about thirty seconds as he kept thrusting his dick in and out faster and faster. Neeta climax ended and she collapsed on her son's shoulder until he climaxed inside her a few seconds later. His mother felt his cum pump deep into her and she was blown away by just how much she wanted him to do it.
Neeta thought it was the most fantastic sex she had ever had by far. Her son withdrew himself from her and Neeta removed her blindfold, but he was gone maintaining a certain degree of their scenario. Ten minuets later, after Neeta had cleaned herself up and changed into her normal nighty and dressing gown, she walked into the lounge on still wobbly legs to find Sunil watching TV as if nothing had happened, and his mother liked that.
Neeta sat next to her son and leaned into him, and he responded by putting his left arm around her and under her breasts and his right hand slid into her dressing gown and onto her crotch. Neeta thought how good her son's hand felt there.
"I don't care you're my son and my lover, because I want you in my bed and in my pussy. Do you think you can handle that?" she looked up to her son and beamed at him as she asked.
"Well put it this way mum, I hope you're ready again in about half an hour? I'll be your son this time, ok?" he asked and looked into his mother's beautiful face.
"Oh, I'll be ready and I would love a visit from my son, my loving young man, my lover," she said and then reached up and they kissed deeply as the lovers they now were. He hoped all the other guys and their mothers were as happy as he and Neeta were.


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