Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Who Would Have Thought [Mom-Son]

Who Would Have Thought

At twenty-four, Vijay still went on holidays with his parents, although his older sister by two years - Rita did not.
However, as long as Vijay could remember their father would spend most of his time for his big business or at the local golf club. So Vijay thought he too will have holidays and give company to mom. In the past few years his father's time for the increased, so that he also spent his nights on business trips.

Vijay takes up his story.

No sooner we arrived at our holiday home then dad took off for the golf club. Mum unpacked her and dad's stuff and I unpacked mine. We sat and had a tea and mum asked what I was going to do, but I had no idea and asked her. Mum said she wanted to go shopping - she loved shopping , so I said I would go with her.
We went to the shopping centre. We separated so we could do our own thing and agreed to meet back at the coffee shop in an hour. Too long for me, but too short for mum.

I and mum are very close , like good friends. I felt sorry for mum, because dad spent no time with her. I am active guy taking some interest in my dad's business and dating too..
My mom knows all about my girlfriends and we do discuss bout.

We met up an hour later and had coffee then returned to our apartment - still no dad. I asked mum what she had bought, and she was thrilled that I was taking an interest in her shopping she pulled out one item after another. However, when she had emptied all bar one bag, she appeared to have finished showing me. So I asked about the last bag and she blushed and said with a grin,

"I can't show you that stuff."

But I insisted until she said,

"I bought some cloths and underwear, ok?"

Without hesitation I told her, "Well show us."

"I can't show you that," she insisted.

But I pressed and for some reason she said 'ok'. She reached into the bag and seemed to carefully select something and pulled it out - it was a bra. I said,

"Blimey, is that a bra or a catapult?" Mum grinned and blushed again and said,

"Don't be so rude."

But I could see her expression was - well playful, not angry or upset. So I asked her again,

"What else have you got in the bag?"

Mum grinned and asked,

"Why should I show you if you're only going to criticize?"

"Ok," I said, "but can I give you constructive comment?"

I was hoping she would say 'yes' for some reason - we seemed to be connecting on a new level and it was exciting, and I think mum was having a bit of fun too.

"Just constructive, not critical - ok?" mum told me and I nodded my agreement.

So mum reached into her bag and pulled out another bra much like the one before it and I asked,

"Ok, so how come you buy bras like those?"

Mum looked a little surprise and asked,

"What do you mean?" she asked and meant it.

She couldn't see anything wrong with her bras. They were the big, all covering ugly things.

"Well there not very sexy are they?"

I asked her and she looked a bit oddly at me, like I was asking a strange question of her.

"I don't wear sexy, I'm too old. Don't be silly," she laughed at me a little.

"Ok, what else have you got?" and I looked at her bag.

Mum seemed more comfortable with showing me her 'intimates' now, and reached into her bag again and pulled out a pair of big panties. She looked at me waiting for my comment.

"Not sexy," I told her again and she gave me that look of 'as if it should be'.

"Don't you like wearing sexy stuff?" I asked and she gave a little laugh.

"Oh come on, I told you I'm too old for that," she was grinning at me again.

"Yeah, but doesn't dad like it?" I knew I was straying onto very personal ground, but mum just looked at me and sort of snorted.

"He hasn't cared for years," she told me.

I was shocked, both that she told me and that dad had lost interest so early. Mum was only forty-six. I wondered aloud,

"Why would he not care?"

Mum answered quickly,
"I don't know, but he just stopped caring about all that years ago."

So I asked,

"Doesn't that bother you," I asked concerned for mum, because I was.

"Yeah it bothers me, but what can I do?" mum asked

She asked me like her best friend, so I tried to fill the bill.

"Well you could have get a boy friend," I ventured.

Mum looked amused at that idea and said,

"No, I couldn't do that. I couldn't break up the family."

So I said,

"Yeah, but you're missing out, or doesn't that bother you too much?"

Mum gave me a sideways look as if sizing me up, but to my surprise said,

"I told you it bothers me."

I had the feeling she was fishing for something from me. I asked her a question that could have killed the conversation right there,

"Yeah I know, but how much does it bother?" and by the look mum had at that question I thought I had be more specific.

"You know, do you get frustrated?" I hoped I hadn't gone too far, but mum answered.

"Really frustrated sometimes," and I could see she really meant it. I decided to find out more.

"Well don't you relieve yourself?" I tried to use my concerned voice. Mum grinned and said,

"Yeah, but you shouldn't, should you?" Mum looked at me as if I had all the answers.

"Of course you should," I told her. "Do you use a vibrator?" Mum shook her head.

"Well what do you do?"

I could feel myself becoming excited and mum seemed to be a little flushed. She hesitated for a about ten seconds and then answered,

"My hand."

"Well that should do it." But I could see by her expression that it hadn't worked.

"It didn't work did it?" I asked her and she shook her head a little sadly.

"Didn't anyone tell you how to do it?"

But before mum could answer I asked,

"Didn't you pick something up from dad?" She shook her and said,

"Your father spends little time, when he spent time which was rare." I was shocked.

"What, he was a 'wham bam thank you mam'?" I asked and this time I was a little shocked.

"That sounds about right," mum said with a little firmness.

"Ok, so let's get back to the original issue," but at that mum looked a little downcast.

I'm sure she was hoping I could give her some beneficial pointers in how to play with yourself - successfully. So I thought I would lead us back to it.

"Do you feel sexy?" I asked my mum.

"I'm too old for all that," she told me yet again, as if I hadn't understood the first time she had said.

"No you're not. You're as young as you feel and as sexy as you feel," I told her with conviction.

"You need to dress sexy to feel sexy, to achieve satisfaction," I told her and mum brightened considerably.

"So, let's go shopping again," she said and we went back to the shops where I gave mum half an hour on her own to shop.

We drove back to our apartment in silence, once there mum hurried off to change. I waited in the lounge area and mum walked in within a few minutes.

"How do you feel?" I asked her. She was dressed in a nice light weight dress. "Well a bit odd. They feel too small," mum answered.

"Yeah, but do you feel sexy?" I asked her.

"A bit," she replied. I felt a door had opened for me and I decided to step through it.

"Well, come closer then," I asked her and mum walked over to stand in front of me, so I stood up and put my are around her shoulders and she put her arms around my lower back..

"That looks a lot better," I told her and it felt good to hold mum, and I felt her relax into me.

"You look sexier. Now did you buy some better underwear?" Mum looked up a little horrified her son would ask her this.

"Well did you?" I pressed and she looked a little embarrassed and looked at the floor.

"Yes," she said in a small voice.

"Do they feel nice?" I was getting a little excited and couldn't believe it.

"Yes," she said in the same voice still looking at the floor.

But her arms stayed where they were. I gave mum a little squeeze and kiss on the top of her head, and she squeezed me back. I dropped my hand and deliberately ran it over her bottom so I could feel her new panties. They were brief. Mum responded immediately and pushed herself away from me, and gave me a half-hearted punch.

"Vijay, I'm your mother," she exclaimed in a shocked voice.

However, I didn't detect any revulsion from her.

"I had to know," I told her.

"I couldn't look up your dress or lift it up could I?" I pleaded my case. But the very idea was thrilling

"No you most certainly could not," she told me emphatically.

I stepped beside her again and put my arm around her shoulder and gave her another little squeeze. She put her arm around my back again.

"I can't stay mad with," she said looking up at me.

"Then I should have lifted up your dress then," I joked and she gave me a look of a loving mother for her naughty boy.

"It looks like I could have," I said testing the waters.

"No you couldn't have," she told me, but with no where the strength of before.

We looked at each other.

"Oh go on, I bet you look great," I tried.

"Vijay," she said with a far weaker shocked voice.

"Go on just the once, I bet you look great."

"Vijay no," and her voice held no shock, but a different emotion.

I turned mum so we faced each other and put both arms around her, and she did the same to me. "Oh please mum, I'd really love to look at how great you look."

I felt her body against mine and my excitement was growing. I realized what I was asking my mother.

"Can I mum, can I have a look, just a little look, please mum?"

Mum said nothing, but I felt her body ease into mine a little more. A second or two latter I held her away from me to look at her, but she wasn't looking at me, she was looking at the floor.

"Can I mum please, please mum, I bet you look great."

I think her resolve was weakening, that's why she couldn't look at me. I held her shoulders and sat back down again and looked into her face as she remained standing.

"Just a little look ok?"

We looked at each other.

"Ok mum."

She gave the slightest of nods. I couldn't believe it.

"Oh thanks mum, thanks," I said and then mover my hands from her shoulders to the bottom of her dress.

Mum looked around as if expecting someone to be watching, and then looked down at me and her eyes were wide and her breathing hard. I looked at her dress and then lifted it up slowly to see her little white panties. My hands were resting on her hips. I held her dress there and said,

"Oh mum you are so beautiful."

She made no move to replace her dress or remove my hands. I could see my mother's pussy bulging within the white material, as if about to burst out any minute. She was very round and full from what I could see through the material. My breath was taken away. I looked up at her and saw a tear in her eye, but a smile on her face.

"I love you mum, I love you so much."

She placed a hand on my head and I instinctively inclined my head to her and it rested on her lower tummy. Mum placed a second hand on my head and spoke for the first time.

"I love you too Vijay, you're my good boy," she said in a voice full of emotion.

"I'll always be your good boy mum," I told her and then moved my head back and let her dress go, and looked up at her.

With passion and sincerity I said,

"You are so beautiful. I had no idea how beautiful you are."

Mum seemed to swell with pride and her smile grew.

"What else did you buy today," I asked tenderly, breaking the moment.

Mum seemed to regather herself and said,

"I'll show you."

Mum walked back to her bedroom. I couldn't believe it; I was so turned on, but it's your mum I kept telling myself. I was really in a quandary. After about five minutes mum came out again. This time she was wearing a top and skirt that showed her midriff, and the skirt was very short for mum and swept out a bit. My face expressed how impressed I was and mum smiled widely, pleased with her reaction she had on her son. She walked up to stand in front of me again, and she stood very close to me. I looked up and said with enthusiasm,

"You look fantastic."

Mum's smile broke widely to show her teeth, which told me how pleased she was that she could bring such a reaction from her son. I looked from her short skirt back to her face and could see her eyes looking at me with such love. Her arms were by her side, but I thought I would try again. This time I didn't ask. I reached out as I looked into her eyes of love, expecting mum to either step away from me, or push my hands away, but she did neither. Mum just continued to look lovingly at me.

My hands took hold of the sides of her skirt as I stared into her eyes and lifted, mum came a half step forward and placed her hand on the side of my head again. My hands were on her hips again. I let my eyes drop to look at my mother's panties, which were black and seem to be a very snug fit. Her pussy was threatening to burst out of these as well. I swallowed hard, and I think mum heard me, because I looked up again and there were tears in her eyes as she beamed at he with a look of love that was also about to burst out of her.

"Oh mum you are so beautiful, I just love looking at you, just love it."

She could hear the sincerity again, and this time she had to open her mouth to draw in a big gasp of breath. She suddenly pulled my head to her body again, and this time I looked at the huge mound just below my face. I was fascinated. She held me for a few seconds and then released me, and stepped back. She wiped her eyes and said with a voice full of emotion and a little tentatively,

"I've got more if you want to see."

"You bet, this is great, you're so beautiful," I told her hardly able to contain my rising passion and enthusiasm.

Mum beamed and returned to her bedroom. My head was swimming with images of my mother's panties, filled to near bursting with her pussy. I found I was struggling for breath, and had to breathe hard to regain it. Again after about five minutes mum came out of the bedroom, but this time she looked a little apprehensive. I was worried that she had given herself a good talking too about what she was allowing her son to see. Yet, she walked up to stand in front of me after only a moment's hesitation.

This time mum was wearing a longer, fuller skirt and sleeveless top. Her top came down to just over the top of her skirt. Again my face mirrored how impressed I was, and maybe that's why she only hesitated to stand in front of me. Looking down at me with her loving eyes and big smile, I looked up into her eyes and tried to convey the love I felt for her. Before I could do anything she pulled my head to her body and held it with bother hands.

"I love you so much Vijay," she told me, her voice charged with affection for me.

"I love you so much too mum," I figured she had decided this had to stop.

Then she released my head and just stood in front of me, looking down with those loving eyes and smiling. I must have been wrong about her changing her mind, I thought with delight. I reached out again and took hold of her skirt and lifted, and this time my jaw dropped and all I could say was,

"Oooh, wow, wow, wow."

I looked up at mum and she was beaming and giggling, mum was actually giggling. She was wearing see-through panties. I looked back at her panties and stared her bulging pussy, and I could see her flesh straining against these panties too. Mum was shaven. The sight of her shaven pussy in see-through panties had me shaking my head as I held her hips and quietly saying,

"Wow, wow, how beautify, how beautiful."

And as I did mum broke into a little laugh and placed her hand on the side of my head, gently and lovingly caressed her son's head. I must have sounded like an idiot. I stared at mum's pussy through the fine mesh of her panties, and they revealed about half the length of her pussy lips as they plunged down into the gusset. I looked up at mum,

"I can't believe how spectacularly beautiful you are, you're just so amazing, so amazing mum. Mum you're positively gorgeous, spectacularly gorgeous."

She just continued to smile broadly with such loving eyes.

"I feel more loved than any son has ever been loved by his mother, you know that mum. Thank-you so much, thank-you," I gibbered at her and her eyes began to glisten again with tears.

Mum reached out both her hands and drew my head to her body again, and I looked down on mum's magnificent pussy. She gently ran her fingers through my hair saying,

"You're my good boy Vijay and I love you so much, so much."

With my head pinning her skirt, I allowed my left hand to rest about the middle of mum's thigh and my right hand rubbed and caressed her ample bottom.

"I love you too mum," I said staring at her pussy through her fine mesh panties. She continued to run her finger through my hair for about ten seconds and then quietly said,

"I have one more new thing to wear if you want to see."

"I sure would," I said dreamily.

A couple of seconds later went by before mum let my head go and stepped away from me. We looked at each other and knew an acknowledgment of something new in our relationship, had passed between us. Still staring into my face, mum backed slowly to her bedroom and I watched her skirt fall back into place. It took only about half a minute and mum was walking back into the lounge, but she was wearing the same top and skirt as before. I must have looked a little perplexed, because mum smiled widely at me as she came to stand in front on me one more time. Then it struck me; her new cloths this time were a new pair of panties.

I looked up and smiled my understanding. Without the earlier awkwardness, I lifted mum's skirt and held her hips. This time mum was wearing the tiniest of lacy French knickers or boxers, and they were tight. This time her pussy wasn't straining to burst out of her panties, because her pussy lips were bulging out the side of the crotch.

"Oh wow, wow," I said, and to think I thought I wouldn't see anything better then the previous pair of panties.

They looked great on her and again I marvelled at her taste in lingerie, because each of her choices looked great on her. I looked up and grinned.

"Like them do you," mum asked as she reached for my head and drew it against her body.

Her pussy was so fat I could still her pussy lips poking out of her tiny boxers with my head against her lower tummy. I placed my hands as before, but this time I caressed mum's left thigh by running my hand up high on her leg; and my right had caressed her ample bottom as before. I heard her sigh and she said,

"Oh Vijay, Vijay you make me feel so special, so special."

"You are special mum, and you deserve some appreciation for how beautiful you look," I told her in return.

"Oh thank-you Vijay, thank-you, my special boy," she said as she ran her fingers through my hair.

I had a sudden thought.

"Would you like to spend the afternoon together?"

"I'd love to spend the afternoon with my boy," she cooed.

"Let's sit together on the couch," I suggested and mum just said,

"Mmm," with a voice that told me just how much she was enjoying this, and I was a little surprised.

Mum eventually release my head, stepped away from me and said,

"I'll be back in a minute" and went back to her bedroom, so I waited again and sat at one end of the couch.

When mum returned she was wearing her wrap-around that she uses to cover herself when wearing her swim suit, and a thin cheese cloth type shirt that hung open - unbuttoned. She had covered her new exciting, tiny boxer underwear, but only just. I could see she had a new see through bra on and her wrap sitting on her hips was as short as a micro mini. Mum came and sat at the other end of the couch so she was facing me. She drew her legs up so her knees were under her chin, and I could see her pussy bulging in her tiny boxers, and as she sat there her pussy lips squeeze out the sides of the crotch again - beautiful. Mum was smiling at me with those adoring eyes. My eyes roved between mum's see through bra that her open shirt exposed, her pussy poking from her boxers and her eyes. I was trying to guess what mum wanted me to do.

"You are so beautiful mum," I said after staring at her escaping pussy lips.

"Why thank-you kind sir," she said with the slightest of mocking tones, and I couldn't help but smile back at her.

Then in a husky voice full passionate and desire mum asked,

"Can you see alright?"

My eyes dropped to her panties and overflowing pussy and dared and said,

"Oh yeah, and your pussy looks spectacular."

Mum smiled and asked in a very seductive voice,

"Is that what people call it today?"

I nodded as I stared between her legs.

"I prefer you to say cunt, because I like the word. It has all those filthy connotations attached to it. I think cunt sounds sexier."

She stared at me and I could see the overwhelming desire and need in her eyes. I decided to take the bit between my teeth. I reached forward and touched my mum's cunt for the first time, as I ran my middle finger up and down both the sides of her extruded flesh. Her response was instant, as she sucked in her breath and her mouth opened. Mum let out her breath.

"Oh, that's so nice," and her eyes half closed and opened wide as she watched her son touch her cunt with deviant desire.

"Oh, we shouldn't be doing this, it's so dirty my own son touching my cunt," she said breathlessly, but like a car crash she was fascinated by what she was looking at and couldn't look away - even when society said it was wrong.

Mum spread her knees very wide for me, and what an invitation.

"Oh, ah," mum repeated over and over, and then looked up at me.

"I hope that's not it," she said with a look of deep longing and need.

"Certainly not! You're been fantastic to me all afternoon, so this is my way of showing how much I appreciate what you did - well part of it," I told her as mum's eyes were drawn back to my finger gently caressing both of her cunt lips.

They were spongy to the touch, and as smooth as silk.

"Vijay you shouldn't be touching me like this. Oh, oh, oh."

Mum was still staring, totally taken in by her son's hand on her cunt.

"Vijay we should stop, ah, ah, oh yeah it's nice," she said.

Then she grabbed the top of the middle of her tiny boxers and pulled the crotch upward so it slid into the slit of her cunt, and her huge cunt lips were fully released. Her cunt was actually dribbling her juices. I was 'over the moon' at the enormity of mum's camel toe, it was so beautiful.

I continued to run my finger up and down mum's cunt, and then increased the pressure. Mum slid her bottom forward and down on the couch.

"Oh Vijay pleased don't touch my cunt, don't touch my cunt Vijay," mum pleaded and began to pull rhythmically on her tiny boxers, so they pulled on her clit.

She continued to moan and sigh in response to me touching her.

"Vijay my cunt, my cunt, touch my cunt, touch my cunt. Oooh I need you to touch my cunt, touch my cunt."

I changed my position so I could access mum's pussy better, and moved my head in between her legs. Mum's eyes were closed and her head was tilted back a little, so she was no longer watching her son play with her fat cunt. I brought my face right between her legs and hook an arm around each of her legs, and this made her look to see what I was doing.

"Oh no Vijay don't lick mummy's cunt, don't lick mummy's cunt," she said in a pleading voice and then 'OOOOH, AAAAH,' as I licked mum's cunt lips for the first time.

I licked hard and watched as her fat, spongy cunt lips vibrated and quivered. I could see mum staring at her son licking her huge cunt and her breathing was fast and her moaning had turned into loud groans, which she was emitting with gusto. Her eyes were large, probably because of what I was doing and I was her son.

"Is that nice mum?" I asked between licks of her fat cunt lips.

"Oh yeah, oh yeah, its great, but you can't lick mummy's cunt, you can't, ooh, ooh, ooh, you can't lick, ooh, ooh," and mum let out a loud "AAAAH, AAAAH," because I was licking her clit now.

"Ooh my beautiful boy, lick mummy's cunt, lick it, lick it, faster, faster, harder, ooh yes that's it."

Mum's voice was constricted now.

I took the crotch out of mum's hand and moved it to one side. Mum was so wet it had soaking into the couch, it was drenched. Mum's eyes were closed again, but her head was down, chin on her chest. Mum's face was screwed up with her mounting orgasm. I looked at mum's cunt, totally exposed to her son now and thought it even more beautiful. Her cunt lips were now open and mum's juices glistened over her lips and all over the rest of her cunt. Man was mum lubricated.

"Oh baby, baby, my precious baby, lick me, oh yeah just like that, AH, AH, AH," mum was now quite loud.

I let go of her right leg and brought my hand to her cunt now, and as I resumed my licking of mum's clit I inserted a finger into her love tunnel. Instantly mum's eyes flew open and she stared lustfully at my tongue and finger, which was moving quickly in and out between her cunt lips.

"Oooooh yeah," mum said very slowly and her face contorted.

"Oh you naughty boy, you naughty boy," she said as if she was crying.

"Don't stop, don't stop, AAAAH, AAAAH." Mum was loving this.

I now inserted a second finger into her cunt with an immediate impact. Mum's face contorted even more, she screwed her eyes closed, her tongue stuck right out, her head was shaking violently and she was making loud guttural noises. 'Oh yeah mum's loving this,' I though. I speed up my finger fucking and hardened my licking of mum's clip and I could hear her noises rise in pitch, and about twenty seconds later everything stopped as mum held the high point of her orgasm. Her cunt dribbled her cum onto my hand that was still cupping her fat lips that had lost none of their size. Then she suddenly deflated and I stopped everything. Her upper body collapsed forward into my arms, and I was ready for it. Mum was totally spent.

I carried mum to her bed and put a sheet on her, still in her tiny cum soaked boxers and the other cloths she was wearing. Then went to the toilet and relieved myself, as I jacked myself and came in quick tiime. It had been long, hard and horny work. I went back to the couch, turned the TV on to watch the cricket and was asleep within minutes.

I woke up about half an hour later and could hear mum stirring, and as I stretched to wake fully mum walked into the lounge and sat next to me. She was still wearing the same shirt, but now a skirt and not the wrap. As I was sitting at one end, she sat at the other just like before. She looked very worried. Mum was sitting with her hands in her lap, her fingers twining together and ensuring her skirt revealed nothing. Mum said,

"Vijay we shouldn't have done this, it's wrong, we have to stop."

I considered her words for a couple of seconds, knowing that mum would probably come out and say this.

"You think this is what we should do, end it, not be with each other ever again?"

I watched mum's face closely as I said this and I could see the dichotomy of emotions on her face.

"Yes Vijay, it's for the best," but I could see this was causing her pain.

"Ok mum, if that's what you want. But can we still be friends like before, and you'll still treat me the same?"

I tried to keep an impassive expression.

"Oh of course love, you will always be my special boy," mum said brightly and that's all I wanted to hear.

I allowed my expression to drop and take on the appearance of a shattered man.

"Good. Can we eat at home tonight; I'm a bit gutted and really can't face other people," I smiled weekly and mum's reaction was instantaneous.

"Of course, love, of course, we can eat in. Do you want to order out or shall I make something?" concern written all over her face.

"If you made something that would be really nice. I like it when you do stuff for me. I love you mum," I ended with that just to put emphasis on what I had said.

I could see the confusion on mum's face. She was caught between desire and love, and the social conventions of our time.

For the rest of the afternoon we chatted, although it was strained, as I could tell mum was being overly cautious. However, within a half hour we were back to the mother and son of yesterday. 'Time to make my move' I thought, and then the opportunity arose. Mum suggested we have a tes and I volunteered to help her, and in the confines of the small kitchenette of the apartment I lay my trap.

As we busied ourselves with cups, tea and the like, we had to squeeze past each other, tap each other for them to move because they were blocking a cupboard, and generally be at very close quarters. Our bodies had to come in contact. I used this time to touch mum as much as possible, and at first she was a little cold, but thawed out very quickly. Then mum was touching me as often as possible.

By the time we had finished in that confining room, mum was giggling and bubbly like a school girl again. We sat back on the couch and this time mum's whole body language had changed. I made a conscious effort to make her laugh, and lighten both our moods. I told her funny stories, jokes, imitated people and whatever I could; and mum laughed very freely, hit me as women seem to love to do to their men, place her hand on me and have it linger. Each time she hit me I would grab her hand and pull her toward me, which made her laugh all the more, but she didn't stop hitting me.

After about fifteen minutes or so mum, allowed her skirt to ride up for the first time without pulling it back down. My hungry eyes looked straight up her skirt, to see mum's beautiful bulging cunt straining against her see through panties. Mum saw me looking, and she knew I saw her looking ay me, but continued to allow her son to stare at her cunt for a few seconds, and then the cover-up.

Now mum seemed free enough to give me some physical affection, and she would rub my shoulder or place her hand on my knee. I began to respond, and rubbed her shoulder, hold her hand for a few seconds at a time and then finally I brushed her cheek. Mum got that look in her eye again, the one she had as I held up her skirt for the last time earlier that afternoon; the look that spoke of deep love, desire and passion. I was very glad to see my real mum was back. Finally, mum said,

"You're a naughty boy Vijay, making me feel better."

I decided not to speak of my earlier touching of her cunt, so as not to upset her.

"But that's what a dutiful son does for his mum; to make her laugh when she's feeling down. All us sons have to make our mums feel good."

By her expression I could see mum saw my real meaning.

"Well thank-you," she said graciously and leaned forward to hit me with both hands again, but this time I pulled her into me and held her.

"What? 'Thank-you'? I thought I was a naughty boy, are you thanking me for being a naughty boy toward you," I asked in a mocking tone.

Mum didn't make a move to break my hold on her, but rather she responded by holding me. Without looking at me she said quietly,

"You know what I mean."

I did, but I was on a roll.

"Well was I naughty or nice to you."

My question was charged with meaning. Mum was never a person not to answer a question posed to her. Not like some people that when you ask them a difficult question, because their answer may place them in an awkward position, so they claim the 'fifth' and don't answer. Mum always answers, I knew her well enough to know I would get an answer from her and it would be truthful. I could hear mum slowly gathering herself to answer me. Then very quietly mum said,

"You were nice."

I gave her a little squeeze and asked gently,

"Just 'nice'?"

Mum turned her body into me more and said in a husky voice,

"No not nice, brilliant. You were brilliant to your mum and she appreciates it more then she can say."

I gather mum was talking in the third person because it made it easier for her; she didn't have to verbally admit her son played with her cunt until she had a spectacular orgasm. I could understand that.

"I'm so glad I was brilliant for my mum, I always want to be brilliant for her."

My words were not direct, making it easier for her to hear them. I ran my hand from her shoulder to her hip, and mum turned her ample bottom to my hand. I caressed her bottom and she sighed and then moaned.

"I want you to be brilliant for me too," mum told me softly.

'The green light', I thought and I couldn't believe how it made me feel - invincible.

"I will be mum, I will be. I love you so much it hurt when I thought I had upset you."

I had decided to express my feelings to her; now was the time. Mum snuggled into me and I could hear her softly sobbing.

"Hey, hey, what's all this?" I asked her, but didn't try to lift her head to look at her.

As always mum had an answer,

"I'm so sorry I hurt you Vijay, you're my beautiful man. I never wanted to hurt you. I was hurting too, I'm sorry Vijay, will you forgive me," mum pleaded with me, her face buried in my chest.

"Of course I forgive you, but why were you hurt?"

That was the sixty-four thousand dollar question. Again mum had to answer,

"Because as soon as I told you 'no more' my heart nearly broke because I wanted you so much. Then when I saw how you treated me after what I had said I was ashamed. I was ashamed for putting other people first, because society says 'no'. I was ashamed I wasn't putting you first, my beautiful boy, my beautiful Vijay, who's only crime, was to love his mother as she needed to be loved. I was ashamed for putting other people before me too, because you were so loving and considerate to me. You had no thought for yourself, but all your attention was on me, and that's what I've always dreamed of but never had. You were my dream come true, and how often do peoples' dreams come true?"

That was quite an answer.

"Well I don't know about anyone else, but my dream has come true too," I told mum, and now she pulled back a little to look at me.

"What was your dream?" she asked, her curiosity getting the better of her.

"You are my dream mum, and have been for years."

Mum stared disbelievingly into my eyes and saw it was the truth.

"I'm your dream?" she asked incredulously.

"Well on two levels you are."

I was inviting the language mothers and sons don't use, language that mum had been avoiding.

"What are the two levels?" she asked becoming a little excited, as she smiled, tears gone and eyes wide in anticipation.

"Well the first level of my dream is you specifically. I have dreamed of you over and over." I paused, but mum was hooked.

"The second level?" she asked eyes glistening.

"Well I'm not sure you want to hear it," I warned.

"Rubbish. How often does a girl hear these things?"

"Ok, but I warned you. The second level is that I always dreamed that my lover would have a cunt as magnificent as yours."

There I had said it, but mum smiled broadly.

"You like the way my cunt looks?"

'We are back as lovers', I thought.

"I love the way your cunt looks, and how you respond when I touch your cunt lips, and lick your clit and finger fuck your cunt," I told her deliberately using graphic detail.

Mum was beaming all through my list.

"I love having you look at my cunt, touching it, and licking it, finger fucking it and you're going to fuck my cunt with your cock too, as often as you want. I want my son to look up my dresses and skirts, and put his hand up to feel my cunt through my nice new panties, or maybe no panties at all some times. I want my son to finger fuck me as we drive in the car, and sit at restaurants and the cinema. I want my son's hard cock to fill my cunt right up, and then come inside me."

I must have looked strange, because mum laughed at me.

"Oh, and I liked telling you 'no', does that bother you?" mum asked a little concerned.

"Hell no, I like it," I told her enthusiastically.

"So what do you want to do now?" she asked me, but I wanted her to live out one of her fantasies, because I was pretty sure she had some.

"No, this is ladies choice," I replied and mum smiled at me.

"Give me a few minutes," she said and dashed off to her room. True to her word she was back in only a few minutes. She was wearing a short skirt and a shirt that both looked rather non-descript, but I could tell by her little grin there was more to her ensemble then met the eye.

"Let's go for a drive," mum suggested with just a hint of 'naughtiness' in her voice.

I was instantly aroused.

"Were do you want to go?" I asked, pleased to be in her fantasy; because I was sure she was about to live out a long held fantasy.


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